Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Small Tree Cloth

Something DifferentI enjoyed this change in quilting.
It was in response to Jude's whispering. All from the stash .
Enjoy the remainder of the Holiday Season.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Traditinal Preperations

The gift of helping GD Awen make presents is wonderful.The wreath is now hanging on their front door.
Welcoming Everyone!
I was able to add it to the banister for a day.
Thank you Awen

More potholders
More gifts

A pile of leftover strips.......some Christmas weaving?

To Mum Merry Christmas Love Awen
Merry Christmas to All
Terry and Awen

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wishes from the Heart

All these stitches carry wishes for You my dear friends. Gingerbread men and fanciful hearts.

Memories old and new

Enjoy the season dearest friends Terry

Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Tuesday Post Belated

Earlier this year 2 blogger friends Nat and Ria started a challenge using the fence rail pattern. The other twist was to use their Singer Featherweight sewing machines VINTAGE.
I had lots of scraps and a brand new featherweight. Well being true friends all rules were amended to include me.
I am so glad because of the friendship I gained and the quilt I now have.
The fence rail blocks are made from scraps. My stash culling used any fabric that I could a 1 1/2 x 6" pieces. I now have a new table cloth large enough for the family table.

The border fabrics were purchased in the states a subtle version of red, white and blue.
A serious quilting weekend with friends and the fence rail quilt was almost finished. A binding from the stash and voila!!

A quilted table cloth with enough scraps from enough projects and items of clothing to keep everyone interested.

A special thank you to Natima and Ria for encouraging me and posting with me on First Tuesdays.

Enjoy the weekend . Celebrate prepare or just relax. Terry

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Advent Calenders start the Christmas season in our family.
Cadel helped me put the candy canes in each pocket and then started marking the days by enjoying the treat.
Old fabrics
elicit memories
I found this carryall when looking for the Christmas stockings.

The fabrics are corduroy I used in my maternity clothes and first daughter's early overalls.
The bag was a great size. As evidenced by the wonderfully worn condition.

Memories reflected and altered through use.

My New Carryall.

I made this new bag similar in size to the original. The base is called pet mesh. It's for screen doors. I fell in love with the fabric at a sale.

This one's for me. If time permits maybe a couple more for presents.

The season has officially started.
Baking is much the same for a Summer Christmas.
The difference is fresh fruit with the juice running down your chin.

I like the holidays and the family traditions which have developed over the years D.H. and I have lived in Australia. 40th Christmas coming up.
Dear Friends whatever your weather enjoy the season.