Friday, July 27, 2012

Knitting on the Train

A train trip and awhile (quite awhile) sitting in a waiting room started here

and finished here

it was  joined by these friends

They all went together
The long strip is 4 8" squares stitched together for Save The Children. They are having a knitting appeal to make and send blankets to children in need.

Reverse sewing on the bulls eye blocks has been slow as I sit around with cold in the head.

"Have a Goodweekend"  Terry 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Deck Chairs

No cruising or sitting under the awnings going on here. It's winter that is what passes for winter in Sydney.

The name comes from a set of blocks donated to community quilters. No one else seemed to have taken up the challenge so I brought home this set of very graphic blocks to experiment with and see what happened.

Two styles make up the set  whirligigs and bulls eyes. now you can appreciate the deck chair title. The bulls eye blocks were just toooo strong all together so I'm going with the wirlly gigs together.

Awen helped me layout the finale arrangement for the blocks.

The blocks stitched and a hunt through the boxes I found some green and white printed batik for a border and the bulls eyes as half blocks for the second border. I will need to reverse sew the bulls eyes but that will give me an evening job.

The boys were sorting a more primary colored set of pieces while Awen and I were working on the quilt.

Love having a busy house. Enjoy your week Terry

Monday, July 16, 2012


Fibre things have been squeezed in between life this week.
 Having the other GP's who are visiting from N.Z. to lunch on Monday.
Thursday was lunch at Market City .Sydney's Chinatown with all the Monday crew. DSinL organised Peking Duck and chili salt crab etc. Nothing for it but go and enjoy.
The grand children love having both sets of grandparents together.

I had this much of a square for Save the Children blanket on the needles as i boarded the train for lunch on Thursday.

I managed to knit some on the way in and home. The squares need to be 8".  Guess I need to knit some more.

A happy house block for Rachel at Blue Mountain Daisy. A home full of friends What more could a girl want. I agonised a bit over this pulling fabrics and discarding them but then came the Eureka Moment !!

I look out my window at the Blue Mts every day and that's where Rachel lives so blue mountains,made fabric flower garden and lots of friends and it went together in a snap.

There's been mention of breakfast from the GC's who slept over. Mom and Dad both had work today and school does not return until tomorrow. Who could resist an extra bit of cuddling? Not Me

Off to make cheese soldiers.  Happy week Terry

Friday, July 6, 2012

How Many Sisters?

Why Three Sisters.

It's school holidays and the G.C. had a two night sleep over. Yesterday we drove 1 1/2hrs to Katoomba.

The destination was The Three Sisters a stone formation of 3 lumps of sandstone in the Blue Mountains.

The Scenic Railway is the steepest railway in the world.

The original carriage that took coal miners  to the mine in the 1860's

Modern carriages are more like the standard roller coaster with one side and the roof covered in heavy gauge chicken wire. You begin by descending slowly then suddenly the angel of descent is like I always imagine waterfalls in cartoons. Through Rain forest into a rock chimney (no daylight) to emerge above the floor of the Jamison Valley.
Way scary way fun.

The Turpentine Tree  the viewing platform is about half way up the trunk of the tree.

We also crossed the valley in the Skyway a glass bottomed gondola. The best part was returning to the top via the Scenic Railway after descending a second time in a cable car. Jump in and the cars are pulled up in a backward reverse trip into the rock again!!

A grad time was had by all. 

Enjoy the weekend. Stitch ,knit or whatever floats your boat.  Terry

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mega Tower

Floor to celing box tower

All these boxes are empty and everything in them has a home
A lot of it was quilting related and now resides in here.

the wall units moved to the sewing room. Even some room remaining for books still hanging out in the garage.
Sewing machine up and ready.

Photo taken from the doorway, I lost some wall space but I think the trade for tidy and organised ( for now) is a good trade.

Quilting tonight. I have a quilt to bind. 
Off to stitch enjoy your day  Terry