Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Pause

 Another flower

Another hexie flower is completed.

Unfortunately there will be a pause on the bloging front. Last week my pelvis broke. The one with the new hip. Tomorrow after more surgery to reinforce the pelvis and replace the joint I will once again begin the healing and rehabilitation process.

Not the plan but I will be able to do some more stitching. Hopefully by the end of the week.

Keep posting as I will be reading.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

old quilt project

Brings new knowledge.

I am using this patchwork bag I made years ago to carry my ice packs back to the freezer.. I'm still on crutches so no free hands.   I digress the fabrics are all sewing related novelties  and I saw an image I'd never known anything about until  recently.

One little 2" square with a hand crank vintage chain stitch sewing machine. Wilcox & Gibbs is the manufacturer I have seen most often refered to since I started following Bonnie Hunter.

I never knew they existed and to suddenly be distracted by an unexpected image was a delight.

Hexigons are growing slowly.

Aburgandy one completed and another burgandy flower getting it's neutral edge.

Almost time for gym. My recovery is slower this time but there is daily progress and the pool in the afternoon. The pool is so relaxing and an easier way to do the exercises.

More hexies tonight.

Enjoy the colours around you. Smile just cause. Terry

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Just over two weeks ago Archer came into our lives.


Awen Cadel  and Archer 

Most of theses photos were taken just as my third GC was on his way home. A Very exciting time for all our small family. All three of the cousins got together on Archers first weekend home. I had a gate pass frm rehab and Grampa and I went over for a couple hours. Nothing makes me feel warm and fuzzy like cuddles from the grandies?

My hip is healing and today I felt stronger and able to be proactive in the process. I know from previous joint replacements progress is happening.  

The star on the flip side of a hexie made me smile. Not sure how I cut the fabric but it all good. The old and well traveled project has come out and l managed a flower for grandmother's garden.

Just a few stitches every so often but hexie's wern't meant to be fast. The steady repatition of stitches to a happy end is a lot like gym and hydro to get my hip working again .

Hope you all have some happiness this week.  Terry

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Busy week.

I finished the binding

on Friday. This quilt has been an on again off again project for over a decade and the emminemt arrival of our newest grandson required it's completion.


The quilt was always going to be blue so the early arrival of Archer Cannon Santos completed the story of this quilt.

My DD#2 has always liked feed sack style prints. This American Beauty block has some real feed sacks, some reproductions with the additions of the scraps of her dresses and my dresses. Archer's quilt will really be representitave of the utility quilts.

I got to see him on Sunday morning. Lots of grandmother emotions ( smiles tears ect.)

Monday at 6am I checked into the same hospital for a total left hip replacement. Monday and Tuesday are blurry. Yesterday was walking with a frame and a wheelchair ride to catch up with my daughter now that both of us are through the spinal block drowsiness.  Oh and I did just happen to see Archer. 

Lovely Mother's Day flowers from Awen and Cadel while they came to meet thier new cousin.  They approved having more family.  

I graduated to crutches this morning. A good sign.

The next few weeks are about getting stronger and healing. I pulled out an old hexie project to work on.

Find something to smile about today.