Sunday, December 29, 2013


Much of  Christmas Day revolves around food ,food and more food. BUT FIRST the table must be set in style.

Let me introduce Amanda my DD#2. 

The WOW says it all. Yep Amanda was responsible for the greatest selection of silly Christmas hats to ever grace a table. Enjoy what follows. We sure did.




  A hilarious time was had by all trying on the HATS. Eventually everyone settled down to the serious business of eating in between lots of discussion about possible occasions for more hat wearing. Not sure DH was too keen.

Just in case you missed the minion the first time.

Lots of giggles  Terry

Friday, December 27, 2013

Secret Revealed

Now that all the presents have been received and enjoyed, the food and bubbles dispatched and the loved ones sent home with hugs and kisses.

It's Time to reveal the secret sewing.

Stripy pink socks became a "monkey" for dearest grand daughter this Christmas.

By the close of the day Pinkie was as ready for bed as DGD.

The other stitched gift also went to DGD. O.K. so it just looks like a bag right?  Well it's not just any bag it's a one off solution to a 10 year old girl's admiration of the most wonderful bag owned by a dear family friend.

The gosh it was wonderful description was of a seatbelt handbag with a real seatbelt buckle. Definitely some handbag envy happening here !!!

I did some research, of the on line type. Followed by a lot of what and a bag woven of belting with a polka a dot lining was under the tree.

Pink was the colour of my Secret Christmas Stitching this year. While pink is not one of my go to colours I  really did enjoy  all the stitching, weaving and stuffing. Making things is who I am and sharing them is my pleasure.

Enjoy the season  Terry

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Traditional Christmas

Christmas this year has a very traditional feel at our house.

That being said the tree is Victorian in style with toys and garlands in abundance. The red and green colours are reminiscent of the northern part of America where both Wayne and I grew up. The vintage quilts are from his family.

A lot of these decorations are hand made and tell the story of our family over the last 42 years in Australia. Our very first Christmas I was determined to have a real tree. I carried it home from the green grocers'. I was so proud. Only to be reminded of cultural differences when the 4yr old next door asked his Mum " if we were poor?" She asked him why he thought that and he responded
 " because they had to have a real tree."    


We have changed and adjusted to Christmas in the summer. The blend of traditional and new is what enlivens my spirit.
Merry Christmas to All. 
From my home to yours.  Enjoy the season   Terry 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas is A'Coming

One week from Christmas Eve and everything is going according to plan.

Secret Sewing  is completed and all wrapped up. There will be pickies after Christmas .I promise.

Decorations made substantial progress on the week end  with my dear Wayne pretending to be the Grinch.

a few more decorations

a very traditional tree covered with toys
Wayne is  still tweaking .
Meanwhile I've had my second overnight at hospital and all went fine . I'm securely back at home with my legs up.  
                       oops Pause for Pizza!!
I'm back legs up and working on some more of these fun hookey stars. Lucy at  attic 24 is a delight and has a tutorial for a quick lacy star for Christmas 2013 as well as these

I am looking forward to a happy easy Christmas with the family.

What are you up to as the week before Christmas is upon us?

Cheers Terry

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kitchen Sink

The term "kitchen sink" in quilting has come to indicate a quilt of unmatched or left over blocks.

This post falls into the unmatched category.

Fist the kitchen sink; literally.  I arrived home from my first big post-op outing to these bucket full of roses from DH.  The outing was quilting Christmas Lunch. After all a girl needs to get her priorities right.

One bunch of the roses were traditional Red Roses. I set them next to the GC's Santa photo and a favourite red candle stick. The photo was taken 6 years ago . There are no babies in the family at present.

The mixed bunch add colour to the room. The lavender roses are very fragrant. 

Second unmatched bit of information is. I have made a decision about the signature blocks.
Medallion Quilts have found a place in my quilting influences this year.
An inspiring lecture by Gwen Marston which emphasised having an open mind to your work as a quilter. 

Beautiful quilts from the V&A exhibition which I was fortunate to see  in Queensland earlier this year.

Both these books are wonderful resources for Medallion quilts old and new.

   The last item from the kitchen sink is a reveal. Drum Roll... or at least a Ta Da.
My secret sewing for the annual Christmas Party.
This is a group I meet and stitch, chat, and well what ever several times a month.
A purchased sewing caddy.

Embellished with wool applique. All the pieces of felt were garments machine felted by me. The brighter colours are also from my dye pot.

I do love this time of year. Hope you are all enjoying your preparations for Christmas.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lots of stitching

I've been powering along...... BUT...... all " secret seasonal" sewing.
Today's project was for Monday's Secret Santa at quilting.  Pictures on Tuesday I promise!

This is more non visible stitching done by my friendly vascular surgeon
The leg modelling my new green gummies and stocking above the knee is the result  of veracious vein surgery on Monday. The left leg ( the one with the short sock) gets it's turn on the 16th. I'm not in pain but no vacuuming and light activity.
Translates as lots of time for hand stitching SMILE!!
Enjoy your weekend. Terry