Thursday, October 27, 2011

All That's Left

A day of cutting left me with this small pile of crumbs.

I measured and cut to make up 4 kits.

I'm getting some easy sewing ready for the next couple of weeks.
These little parcels will be surprises so updates will have to be without photos.

 Have you started your Christmas list.I remember lots of homemade gifts over the years.

Enjoy your memories  Terry

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Passing Comment

 A casual comment among like minded women went something like this
 " it would be nice to have a quilt made for when you need one"

A rummage in the STASH SHOP found:

stripe from a pair of pedal pushers made in the 80's by one DD for the other DD
lower left a skirt that never got a zipper  sometime in the last decade
upper left op shop yardage
upper right leftover yardage from a finished quilt

Drum roll !!!

quilt top measuring 56"sq.

more stash shopping and a pieced back
the only purchase was the spots for edges and binding.

I even have a pieced batting ready to go  AND I learned a new technique while making this bright fun top.
not sure what the technique is called but you only sew part of the seam to start and finish stitching it when the finale part of the block is inserted.

While taking photos I caught some circles lurking among the the flowers

Wall Flowers


 wall covering  you could hardly call this silk embroidery wall p----.
in Marie Antoinette's room.

not quite homey enough for me to be comfortable.

It's been a busy week and I am now going to spend the morning stitching.  Hope you all have a good day    Terry

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Eye Candy #2 or Begining

Early morning in Munster

The start of a day

The start of a quilting journey

 Gathering and preparing resources

making fabric

inspiration for dividing space


an idea I am going to work on

future reports

Enjoy your weekend and laugh a lot.      Terry

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Quilt for Basics

some basic  sewing to ease the jitters before I departed on my trip.

Victoria at Bumble Beans had just the pattern and a wonderful home for the finished quilt.

I had stitched,sandwiched,and completed half the diagonal quilting a month ago.
Steady stitching on Thursday and the top was ready to bind.

A view of the pieced back.

Coffee and binding at the ready

Friday attach binding.  I stitched it on the back of the quilt and turned it to the right side attaching with a decorative stitch. No hand stitching here
 I'm way slow.

A cosy quilt for comfort. I know it's cosy because I fell asleep under it while removing the basting pins
SH don't tell.

Basics is a community group helping  people in their own neighborhood.  My quilt for Basics has given me  time to reflect
remember my father
 a gift of self to someone else

Have you got time then help out and share . I'm glad I did.

I'm having a good weekend with the Grandchildren. All of you enjoy your family    Terry

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eye Candy

My muse is dragging me toward an alarming place today. She; or perhaps it's a touch of insomnia has me thinking of dissected linear spaces.

That's the trouble with expanding your horizons you are encouraged to experiment get out of your comfort zone. Maybe if I post some pictures it will be out of my system. You Think? LOL

Eye candy from the double decker bus in Paris 

Warehouse in Paris divided by trees and shutters. It was huge and all urban art.

Circular division of space   Louis XIV's garden. Go figure.

Gingerbread houses. Old style of construction throughout Alsace. More divided space.

Quilts employing a division of linear space. Ouch!  I'm being shoved in a new and maybe scary direction.
O.K. muse I'll see what happens today. Maybe something I want to explore or just get out of my system. either way guess what I'm doing today.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Flowers for the First of the Month

Beautiful blooms and gardens from my trip.



train stations of Alsace

Ste Marie aux Mines


I had a wonderful trip. There were beautiful flowers and gardens everywhere.
Inspiration from landscape, museum visits,and the The European Patchwork Meeting which I will share with you all over the next few weeks. 

A special THANK YOU to Valentina and her family for their wonderful hospitality. My trip was so much richer for the generosity.

I am glad to be home and slowly settling back into life. I wish you all a good weekend and I promise to visit you all soon.  Terry