Thursday, August 30, 2012

In the Wind

We use the expression to suggest possibilities.

Blues blowing in the wind.

I commandeered the kitchen table to assemble the drunkards path blocks.

Lots of strip piecing

The original lay out of the blocks.  Can you spot the mistake?

Half the blocks are all stitched together exactly like this. I then stitched this half and assembled the drunkards path blocks. I held it up proudly for DH's approval. He responded "why is that block going a different direction? " I figured he was teasing; it's an on going joke. BUT no. If you spotted the mistake you will know there is a block flipped in the outer boarder.  O.K. some reverse stitching and back together.

Ta Da !!  now I'm thinking about what to do next.

I also spent some time hand sewing .

Still slowly working on my circles.

The slow stitching of this project gives me great pleasure.  I will just enjoy the journey.

I hope you are all enjoying your journeys.  Terry

Monday, August 20, 2012

Second Chance

Compelling arguments in favor of labeling your quilts inspired me to take advantage of a visit from my 6yr old GS Cadel.

Cadel arrived with

Mr Crocodile whom he promptly settled in with with his baby quilt for comfort. Mr Crocodile came home from school for the weekend.

I discussed labeling the quilt with my GS He is very fond of his blanket . We came to an agreed
 wording and the quilt now has a label 6yrs later.

The opportunity to label such an important quilt couldn't be passed up.
Carpe Diem

Sign    Label   Record your process. You never know who might be interested.   Terry

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fusion Blues

I've been messing about with an unfinished set of blocks

I constructed this set of Drunkard's Path blocks last spring. I wanted the quiet of some straight assembly sewing and retrieved them form the place where unfinished work hangs out.

After the last post and my declaration that I was a fusion quilter I figured I"d share the source of my fabrics. All the backgrounds are leftover chambray's from clothing , except the small piece of ikat
 in the lower right.  The 3 curved sections in the second row down from left to right and clothing off cuts. The remainder are remains from other quilts.

Now how to assemble these wayward bits...  standard drunkards path didn't work at all YUCK!!
Well I found some help  from the traditionalists.

Given that I only had 60 4" blocks and very few scraps big enough to make more blocks I started laying out this version.

I have only 4 blocks with the ikat background so tried them for the center....OH NO way to confusing like a trip to the optometrist.

So far so good

O.K. I'm happy with this layout it:s taken me a whole morning to balance out the  darks and lights and get them all to play well. I do need 4 corner blocks so off to the scraps.

I'll post again when there's more progress.  Have a good Wednesday. Happy Middle of the week.  Terry 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Question Answered

I'll answer the question in a minute but first let me set the scene for the question!!

Friday morning I braved the unpleasant weather and the M7,M2 etc to visit the Hunters Hill Quilt Show. It is a lovely show in a vintage Town HallMaterial Obsession was set up in half the foyor and I met Kathy Doughty for the first time. We swapped quick histories and she asked me the question .

What Kind of Quilter are You? Modern?
I was gob smacked when I realised I didn't know. I'm not a Traditional Quilter who uses only period fabric. Shucks I used leftover dressmaking fabric and the yardage my Dad brought when my parents came to visit.

                                                     made in 1970's for Mom and Dad.

My quilts of the late 80's early 90's were still made using fabric culled from any source and in truth retained the scrappy no white color pallet.

The phase that followed was baby quilts galore.

                                                               Cadel's quilt 2007

During this decade I learned new skills as well. Needle turn applique, English paper piecing and hand stitching.

my version of Karen Cunningham's adaptation of Maria Hank's Quilt. Maria was Able Linclon's sister in law.


                                                       15 min play work in progress

Answer to the question I am a FUSION QUILTER yes I am a bit of whatever comes my way or tickles my fancy at the time. I quilt because it gives me pleasure. I adapt and use whatever fabric and pattern finds it's way to me.
I don't know if there are other FUSION QUILTERS out there but I like the title it connects me to quilters past and present and maybe even future.

Thanks to Everyone for helping me find my space as Fusion Quilter Terry

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quilt Mystery


I am going to share the  history of this quilt

The story so far is detailed in the previous posts or I brought home a set of orphaned blocks from Community Quilts and  assembled this top.

Tuesday was CQ day so I took the top along to hand over to Dorthy who is quilting for us at the moment. Upon seeing the top she asked "did you get those out of the cupboard" ? A little unsure I answered "well yes they were just sitting there" Those blocks are Freida's. Now I was not sure what Freida was going to say.

I should not have worried. I quickly produced the top to show her before anyone else could dub me in. She just laughed "Oh those old things? we made them in a stack and whack lesson and they were so heavy I just threw them in the cupboard." She had a nice smile as she held the top. "It's so much softer (light) with the borders breaking up the blocks adding drape."

So now we know who made the blocks and who assembled a quilt top. We will also know who quilted it in a few weeks when it is completed and given away to comfort someone.

I'm having a good week hope you are too.  Terry

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer or

Deck Chairs part 3

This view shows the two added borders. The original blocks are so strong both in design and the fabric is a heavy cotton or drill. My goal was to use blocks and stash fabric to make something new and useful. 

I think I've succeeded. 

It's Monday morning (before brekkie) and I have all sorts of plans running through my mind. Time will tell if I accomplish even a small amount of my goals ..... the crafting ones!!! 

Enjoy the week and stitch when you can. Terry

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Deck Chairs part 2

I have completed the reverse sewing and stitched 4 borders. Added these and the batik strip.

The batik is a print which is more repetitive than a wax resist   BUT it is in the beach outdoor theme and it came from the stash. 

All stash busting is good . I'm off to find another border.   Terry