Saturday, September 9, 2017

Quarterly Report

I'm still here. Just not much posting but perhaps warm weather will encourage me to come out of hibernation.

All three grand children on the morning following the Great Sleepover.

The aftermath of the sleepover . Lots of quilts as the three Grandies managed to sleep side by side.

The start of a charity quilt using Bonnie Hunter's  pattern Scrappy Mountain Majesty.
The group I was making this for was making quilts for cancer patients and my bed topper in cheddar needed to be longer. Making more blocks for added length sent me to red because all the cheddar was already in the quilt.

The finished top has gone to the LAQ and gifted.

The star quilt has also returned from the LAQ and is in the binding que.

Another baby quilt on the toddler bed. I just finished the binding and it's in the wash.
The recipent is due soon.

The finale more hexigons. They are only coming out when a project is needed for the train or a waiting room.

Off to hang up the baby quilt to dry in the fresh spring breeze.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


No excuses I just haven't posted for over 2 months but there has ben sewing and life.

3 more quilt tops have been completed . I must say it is a good feeling.


Pieced back

Close up

Bonnie Hunter's  Rick Rack Nines is a swap of fabric strips randomly assembled. I worked on this on and off during the last hip replacement. I named mine Line Dancing because I am now able to sort of shuffle along with the grandies.

City Lights 
A quilt camp top from last spring .

A 15 min play exercise from Victoria 
Findly Wolf. This one has been a top for over 6 years. Happy to have it finished.

All these strips became the bindings for the 3 quilts.

Recently I have switched to magic binding.  Yes there is more cutting and two strips to make each binding BUT a nice machine attached binding.

My old hands love it.

Hope you are having nice weather. I am looking out at blue sky with cotton ball clouds.  

Monday, March 13, 2017

Two for One

The saying "two for ( the price of ) one " is often used in advertising.

Well I'm not trying to sell anything just happy that two bunches of parts are now one quilt.

All finished and I enjoyed tying this little quilt. Held together nicely through it first washing.  The result is a light weight warm quilt for the toddler bed.

The crazy quilt blocks on steroids resulted in a soft looking quilt with a very vintage sense of "making do".

Just realized  the light side is a Wagga. The little quilt ticks 3 boxes. Kitchen Sink
Row by Row and a Wagga.

Now it really does have a name . Three for One. Silly but it has been fun to make.

My very best friend the " magic or flange binding " finish. This time I used the border fabric for the flange. The quilt was busy enough and didn't require more colour , sometimes simple is the best.

Enjoy your week my plan is to cut binding strips for the remaining 3 quilts in the pile. Tomorrow is machine quilt group and I will start on close to a km of binding. Ugh and yes it will all be flange style . My hands don't do that much repetative stitching any more.