Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Morning Road Trip

A typical Saturday run to the home improvement store. DH bought rose spray and tested the quality of the swiming pool water.

I headed off to the serious section of tools in search of G-clamps to attach my newest project to a table. The clamps were in the section of carpentery tools. They are all metal and seemed like over kill but the size was necessary to clear the edge of the table. As I started to rondevous at the check out I found......

A pair of black flamingos .  Well really; they are plastic bar clamps priced at 2 for the price of one of the G-clamps and a lot lighter.  The lighter weight means I will have less to cart around.

DH was ready to check out so home we traveled and I immediately set about testing my purchase.

Hooray the elegant bird like clamps worked their magic.

Holding the frame loom for my tapestry weaving class securely to a table top. A well designed tool is always a treasure. The beauty of these two clamps makes my heart skip a happy step.

I am looking forward to continuing on this project.

A glimpse of the finished little weaving. The vintage button is from my grandmother.

The caps were being handed out as we departed for home.

A happy morning adventure.  Hope you are enjoying the day.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Warm Colours

The colours of  my environment are warm. These beautiful blooms were a birthday bouquet from DD#1 and family. Lots and lots  of pinks edging toward coral the light orange/yellow range


More flowers?  Well yes this time from DD#2 and also in the warm color spectrum. Bright orange of the tiger lilies flowing into the yellows of the tea rose and crysanthamums.

All these beautiful blooms to gaze upon while finishing off my small weaving.

The weaving is complete.  Now to finish

Removed the weaving from the small cardboard loom.

A small woven bag just right for my phone. I finished it by felting which gave me a firmer result. Photos of completed project when I get it back.

Two of our members are demonstrating and teaching at the Stitches and Craft Show. They collected all the trials for a display.

I'm working on some trial bits and pieces. Nothing to show so more flowers to finish.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Empty Cereal Box

I spent most of yesterday indulging in childhood pleasures. As a girl a day dedicated to making was pure joy and yesterday was just such a day. The stimulus for the task came from spinning and weaving group on Thursday With some show and tell of small coin purses woven on a cardboard loom.

One empty cereal box and a whole day of indulgence .

The pocket section of the purse is completed. It is a slow process.  Threading the wool over and under again and again was a time of contemplation.

A great way to spend a birthday.  I was very content engaging in a childhood skill and remembering .


I am going to weave the flap of the bag. The weaving should go faster . Only half as many warp threads. My plan is to add a couple colored stripes to the flap for interest.

Hooray for an empty box. What have you used a box for?

Happy Valentines Day