Saturday, December 13, 2014

Not One But Two

I grew up in the northern hemesphier where the end of the school year happens in June and half a year later Christmas arrives with a second flurry  of activities.

Not so here in Australia . Since the previous post 9 days ago Yikes was it only 9 days?

We have gone to

Dance Concert
Music Recital
End of year Awards day  ( Speech Day)

Everyone adding their own touches to the Christmas tree. 

On the social calander two luncheons to mark the summer break and the holiday season. Lots of fun ,food and conversation as well as Secret Santa at both quilting and spinning. 

Snatching a few moments in between the happy activities I have .....

A couple squares

Parts from the Grand Illusion Mystery quilt.

Secret hooking while the recipient is out and about. I really really don't want to be caught so my slow crochet is slower than ever.  

Busy as life is at the moment I must admit I enjoy having family and friends to share the good times.  "Wouldn't trade for quids"

Life is good.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Feels Like a Quilt Retreat

The quilty space has expanded. A bit like the Tardis bigger on the inside . The room is the same size but the addition of a table to the left has made it feel bigger.

Well more like being at quilt camp with all the necessary equipment close at hand. 

I am getting ready to cut lots of 2 1/2" squares.  Just as soon as ..... I gaze, fondle and choose from the black scraps. Thunder is rumbling and lightening flashing. Maybe I will leave the cutting out until the storm passes and the sky clears.

The little wrens are all returning to the apple tree as the storm approaches. I'm going to but the kettle on. What do you do to weather a storm? 


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Up and Running

The newly established sewing nook has proevn successful.

The family has arrived and we are starting to get a routine going. There are still boxes. Oh and more boxes which you don't need to see. Trust me they are the last minute sort with t.p. and shoes and hangers. Why do we always have too many hangers when packing to move and not enough any other time?

I have my Featherweight set up and purring. I do not have a feline helper at present so will be content with the sound of my beauty.

The over flow on the left of the machine is a small box of 2"strips. I'm sewing three strips together as practice. Fence Rail or Nine Patch who knows?

Whatever the end result the journey is soothing.   AND  soothing is all GOOD as the holiday's  approach.

I love having my small family ; only 8 of us across three generations , around for the preperations. ..... Every Bit!!!!

Going to my nook while I can