Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Quilt Hanging

Today I had a Eureka  moment.  DH was hanging up outdoor Christmas lights and I thought now's the time.

Yep!! time to find a place to hang a quilt. We've lived in this house for over 5 years and in that time no quilts have adorned the walls.

I fossicked around and found nice brass curtain hangers from two houses ago. Got out the stud finder and my lovely man about the house joined in.

DH bought this quilt in a street market in China  23 years ago .  He just told me " on the road to the Entombed Warriors ".  He has always been supportive .

The quilt is paper pieced. I know this because it crunches also while it was having an airing the sun shining through a pale yellow triangle revealed Chinese writing.

The blocks were made by different stitchers and then assembled. The shapes of the animals vary and the needle skills of the maker.  No matter it is nice to have it hanging in the entrance hall.

More important it is a wonderful  gift from my Best Friend.


Friday, November 4, 2016

October Hexagons

The down time of our week away gave me time for slow stitching .  Riding in the car and chilling out  by the river offered me the opportunity to sew.   31 Hexies 1 for each day of October.

The weather is warm and the gardens are doing well. Life is rapidly moving toward summer.

Roll on Summer.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Gone Fishing

Wayne and I took a week off and drove North. A nice get away before the end of year/holiday season.

5 hours driving gets us to Stuarts Point a sleepy little town population 700.  The. Caravan Park is on an inlet. Of the McClay River.  Nothing strenuous just fish and chill.

The bridge spans the channel which is tidal. It leads to a path through the mangroves to the ocean.  Wayne spent a lot of time feeding the bream. Well he called it fishing.

I took lots of pictures but everything was so far away that when I tried to resize  pictures of large flocks of black cokatos they just looked like specks of dust.  There were pelicans and ducks to name a few of the birds.

One of ths the semi permanent campers has a hillside garden with these georgeous lilies.

It was nice to have some quiet time. Yesterday was recoup and today was 5 loads of wash. Honestly it was raining so a good time to chill.

We babysat last night for Archer while his parents went out to dinner for my DD#2's birthday.

This bargelo table runner was finished yesterday afternoon in time to box up with some new dishes for her Birthday.    These are her colors and I enjoyed a new techniqe and hey! Even though it's smaller than a quilt it is another finish.

Time to get the rest of the wash in before it gets cold or I run out of go. 

Enjoy your up coming week and take time to stitch some.