Sunday, February 25, 2018

Quilting up date and Life

This time of year is happily devoted to family .

A very tall tree for a small boy. Decorating the tree was a hit with all 3 grand children as was the summer season.

The sewing time included a new facination with Boro

The slow easy strait stitching proved to be just the thing for short periods of sewing time.

The completion of the center of this quilt encouraged me to spend some time with three strip boarders. They are outside my normal comfort zone but I am quite excited with the progress.

So much so that all the hexies are covered ,arranged and stitched in short groups. 88 hexegons to be appliqued in place. Tomorrow is the first class of the year and I am looking forward to a "how to" lesson from Margaret Sampson George. Her approach to giving new life to earlier work is contagious.

Happy Stitching Terry

Monday, November 6, 2017

Two Months of Stitching

Life is good and some stitching has happened.


A paper pieced table runner Wild and Goosey by Bonnie Humter.

A charity quilt made of the remains of at least 5 charm packs . It goes to the LAQ tomorrow and then on to a local charity group.

Three previous pieces of stitching came out to play.

 This almost finished applique was supposed to be one of 4. It is now destined to stand alone. Updates as work progresses.

Still looking for a bit of zing while working on border pieces.

I think the spirals may find a home after Christmas.  For now they are back in the parts department.

All of these quilts are slow stitching which is just fine with me.

Enjoy Terry

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Quarterly Report

I'm still here. Just not much posting but perhaps warm weather will encourage me to come out of hibernation.

All three grand children on the morning following the Great Sleepover.

The aftermath of the sleepover . Lots of quilts as the three Grandies managed to sleep side by side.

The start of a charity quilt using Bonnie Hunter's  pattern Scrappy Mountain Majesty.
The group I was making this for was making quilts for cancer patients and my bed topper in cheddar needed to be longer. Making more blocks for added length sent me to red because all the cheddar was already in the quilt.

The finished top has gone to the LAQ and gifted.

The star quilt has also returned from the LAQ and is in the binding que.

Another baby quilt on the toddler bed. I just finished the binding and it's in the wash.
The recipent is due soon.

The finale more hexigons. They are only coming out when a project is needed for the train or a waiting room.

Off to hang up the baby quilt to dry in the fresh spring breeze.