Sunday, July 20, 2014


Upon completion of the mitts I have been enjoying a slower pace.

The trip to Sydney was a pleasant break.

The view as I returned to the hotel after a pleasant visit to the Power House Museum. To my right is the edge of the city with roof top views and to the left was the skyline of down town Sydney. The afternoon light was perfect.

The view from our balcony  was taken after a lovely evening out at one of our favourite restaurants. The days in "town " were a pleasant variation. Since then the weather has been very blustery and I have been hibernating and catching up on my reading list. Warm and cosy. there has been some sock knitting but nothing much to share as yet the same applies to an occasional treadling of the spinning wheel.

This mural on an alley wall in China Town depicts the weather precisely. It was an unexpected burst of colour and city urban art that brought a small joy to the day.

I hope you all have little joys.  Terry

Friday, June 27, 2014

Lace Mitts

Knitting goodness. The feel of my fine merino hand spun yarn has been wonderful. It is a so so soft feeling as I work the lace pattern. Mittens were the first "garments" I learned to knit but this is the first pair with a lacy cuff. The pattern was in graph form and in over 50yrs of knitting it's a first.

My mitts have been steamed and will be finished when dry. The knitting was done both at the same time with 2 different balls of yarn . The random results from the cinnamon roll spinning..

The colors of autumn/winter in Australia
Looking forward to a few days in down town Sydney.  DH is working and I will have days times to wander,checkout museums and maybe even some shopping. You never know 

Enjoy whatever you happen to do over the next few days .  Terry

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekend Away

A weekend away stitching was just the thing I needed to find my quilting mojo. It has been hibernating since February. Friends, good food and the enthusiasm of other quilters was the catalist I needed.

8 American Beauty blocks ready for a quilt started long ago.

And then 8 more "beauties".  If my mojo stays for awhile the corners will be stitched to the blocks and this " sleeping beauty" will be closer to waking.  Returning to quilting with my mojo is a nice feeling.

There has also been a small amount of progress knitting the sock.