Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Done and Dusted

Time has just flown by as 2016 started.

By the end of the week 6 of the 9  Birthdays for the year will be celebrated.  Lots of cake this  6 weeks.

the stitching focused on getting this made for a new baby boy . He is the second cousin born this year. The quilt has safely traveled to New Zealand with his Grandparents and been gifted.

First finish for the new year.

The other excitement for January was not as good as birthdays and quilts. Sydney has been having storms and our house was caught in the eye of a storm. The duration was only a matter of a couple of minutes.

The damage was to house and yard only everyone is fine. We are slowly ; ever so slowly dealing with insurance company for fence, roof ,and other work. Beauracury is trying .

All of the ridge caps and several tiles came flying off the house during the storm. I must say I no longer have any delusions about travel to to the mythical land of OZ.
The roofer is due today but who knows if he will do any work or just walk around  and hum and ha.

I shall go to quilting with friends and enjoy the day.

Enjoy your day