Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter at The Show

Awen at the start of the Day

The early train going to the Royal Easter Show.

Makeup on and a smile to light up the entire train.

Here I am

dancing at the show

the stuff of memories

just can't stop the music.

We had a wonderful day at the Show,
 my dear granddaughter and I. Her group danced twice.  In between sets we rode the ferris wheel and cruised the pavilions, ate gelato and checked out the fun house with friends. 

Today I made some fabric to use with my new template

 Taking Victoria's advice and using a template for the first time. It's easy and I'm using the largest size. experimenting

Happy Easter   Terry

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Playing in the Big League

Two whole days of  PLAY  15 min style  with Kathy and Victoria.

 Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession me with the giggles and Victoria Findlay Wolf of Bumble Beans

This photo is the morning of day two. I was greedy and booked two days with Victoria "as you do " was a lucky move. Sydney traffic was atrocious on Thursday and it took 2 1/2 hrs to get to the secret venue.

Just got into it
 chop it up
 sew it back together

Victoria taught all through the day
how to's
and what if's
all in between a generous helping of hard work and continuous laughter.

 There is more to share and I will need a few days to unpack my head and bags.

A heartfelt thank you to  the team at Material Obsession. EVERYTHING was perfect
lots of working power boards......sketchbook.....thread catcher tapped to the table.....bag of munchies for sugar hit....bundle of scraps to get started with .....and gorgeous name tags.
The organisation didn't stop there REAL COFFEE , delicious lunch ,all day ice water

and a huge mound of scraps!!!!!!!

to be continued      Terry

Saturday, March 16, 2013

International Quilt Day

Quilts are meant to be used

just love it

Enjoy Terry

Friday, March 15, 2013

New Tricks

I think it's wonderful the way quilters share. EVERYTHING. Well important stuff like fabric ,patterns, techniques and new tools.  That's us right?

Topic being discussed was marking a quilt for quilting. Do or don't you mark for machine quilting? I don't just "wing it" so when a tool by Clover was mentioned I stored the info. in the bottom drawer of my brain for future reference.

I have been trying to finish at least one of the quilts I started over at 15min play. Victoria is coming to Sydney to teach and I am joining in the fun. The quilt closest to finishing is the block of the month started almost 2yrs ago. Old posts here and here.

The blocks were set on point and the edge filled in with cheddar triangles.

The white stick is called a"Hera" marker by Clover. The marker is sturdy plastic and a bit  like a bone folder if your a book maker. I used my 6" sq. ruler and scored the solid cheddar with a continuous triangle.

I used a heavy hand quilting thread on top for texture and stitched along (or next to) the marked lines. GREAT I achieved a geometric shape.  Now just to sew in ends and bind and LABEL!

Haveagoodweekend.  Terry

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time Flys

When your having fun:

I sure spent a lot of time with my sewing machine last week so I guess . No I know I had fun.
The weather was wet, wet, and wet so settled in and stitched.

First the little girl's quilt is ready for binding

I enjoyed making this quilt. The colors are much lighter than I usually use but not insipid. I have come to realise that lights/whites are stronger now than they were in my early years of quilting.  Close ups when the binding is done.

Next on the list a return to a 15min play  Color Challenge

The self imposed rules for choosing fabrics are still in play but the results are very different
1. The outer row starts with a made fabric triangle between two fabrics from the same color family.
2. The inner octagon is a floral alternated with a solid.

The results are very different and I'm learning a lot about value and scale. I guess that's what play is for.

Continuation of Scrappy

Four more blocks this week. I dug around in the novelty scraps and the addition of more medium to lights seems to be pleasing.

The Scrappy quilt is going to be a slow growing project. I am now happy with the addition of the new fabrics. A much happier quilt. It is now off the design wall until I'm ready to think about the final lay out . Way way off in the future.

Speaking of flying I have a shopping date with DD#2 so I must scoot . Trains don't wait for late comers.
Have a great week  Terry