Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fabric Choices

Do you ever wonder what possessed you to buy a fabric?   Was it the colour, popular fashion ,price or just cause?

I was running through Spotlight ; yes running in  White Rabbit style when the sale table reached out and  grabbed me.  

My had to have fabric. Why you ask?

1. it has all the right colours grey, turquoise, lime green etc.
2. feels great to the touch perfect for backing
3. extra wide 59" so maybe no piecing the back
4. the price was right $6.00/meter

Not convinced yet?

I laid said fabric out on my new  (don't tell DH) cutting table . Don't you just love the venue ?
AND ....that's when my reason for purchasing this yardage hit. Well sure all of the reasons above are valid but really . I spent my whole life looking at colour incidentally blended together in mirror image. Give kids paint and you get butterflies. Yup I said butterflies .
The incidental quality of the process of squishing paint inside a folded piece of paper. Happy accidents and strange results. Got to love the experimentation. So my "butterflies" are going to be the backing for   *****
The "Tumbler Quilt" started earlier this year with Victoria of Bumble Beans.
The perfect Match made in Heaven. The colours of the front and back will compliment each other but more importantly it's all about unexpected results.  Letting go, finding your inner child, and throwing out the rule book.  Love IT.
The unexpected results of playing never cease to make me happy. It's all about the process.
Hope you had a good middle of the week.  Terry



Saturday, August 24, 2013

Colour Fix

I am not a Project Manager. No No
 I have discovered that trying to find and co-ordinate tradesmen is very stressful.

I have not sewn AT ALL .... this week!!  BUT......

I did get my colour fix by rearranging the spare room.

DH and I have been camped out in this room for over a week while the tiler and plumber worked on the en suite. I'm still trying to source a glazier to install the shower.

Was it the great rag rug that inspired me ?
The desire to play with quilts?
All the home reno shows I've been escaping to lately?

Whatever!    Here is the great rug.


That much vibrant colour is enough to inspire ...

GS is coming for a sleep over today and I'm interested to hear his comments on the new arrangement.

Make sure to do something for yourself and have a good weekend.


Friday, August 16, 2013


I've been mucking about with scraps. Mine  and  gifts from other quilters.
Why you ask ? because I need some control.

The en suite was leaking and needed to replaced. It has taken a week to gut the room and re-tile. Tomorrow the grout is done and we will have a shiny white room. But not an en suite yet.

Mean while I have retreated to the other end of the house. trying to create order.

I cut a batch of strip sets on the diagonal into rectangles 3 1/2" by 10".  Alternating them with solid rectangles.

Laid out on the floor as I assembled the rows. They needed a bit of tweaking and stitching together.

completed top will be a community quilt. I like the opportunity to try ideas in a manageable and useful size. 48" by 54".


Unable to do much else because of the chaos I started delving into the scraps one again.

sorting cutting and laying out for another quilt or two.
The stitching of strips together is repetitive and comforting. A Chinese Coins quilt will be another someday quilt from the list.
I don't know where the shower is or if the toilet will arrive for the plumber on Tuesday but I can quilt and tomorrow my dear GD is coming to craft with me and watch the Bledesloe Cup.
Have a good weekend all !!  Terry

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Rocked up to Deb Louie's quilt class and was very cheeky.

I have been dabbling in alternate quilting styles for awhile and wanted to have a demo on curved piecing.

So I said at the start of class which is supposed to be machine applique " I want to learn curved piecing" I even brought a few small scraps.   HA!

Was quickly dispatched to the shelves for 1/2 meter pieces of   6 fabrics including one blackish.

How to demo followed and here are the results.

By the conclusion of class I had worked from the top through the strip below the grey & black line.

I was very pleased. My home work included a thin section with a bit of zingy red. DONE
A section of longer strips. DONE

Up to the next decision :  What order to place the solid blocks of colour  in for the bottom?
Looking at the brown back on the left as in the top I thought would provide continuity.

Well maybe it is  a repetition of colour BUT the grey in the centre is too solid and detracts some a feeling of movement

                         Back to the colour placement in the first photo. The grey shifts further to the right giving a more fluid line. Also two blocks of brown in the top right and to two blocks of brown on the bottom left leads the eye from top to bottom without being a strong diagonal.

All that said I wondered?????

 What happens if I flip


Or summersault


for now I'm going to continue with the horizontal but vertical curves are on the horizon.

What's on your quilting horizon? A finish ? A new quilt? Some experimenting?

Whatever it is enjoy yourself.  Terry