Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Rabble of Butterflies and Texas Tears

Butterflies bumping into each other on the quilt.
The collective noun is rabble. 39 blocks.... half the quilt completed. They are definitely a rabble of butterflies.

The four patch blocks are different so even more a riot of color. So bright it makes me smile. Maybe even do a happy dance.
A singular visitor in the garden. Beautiful St. Andrews Cross spider. A member of the weaver family.

Texas Tears is the third block I've completed for my my Civil War Quilt catch up.
I'm making progress.
Happy Weekend to you all Terry

Monday, February 14, 2011

North Star

I'm still behind on the Civil War Quilt project.
I don't care I'm loving it. My second block is North Star.
Barbra Brackman is sharing her knowledge of fabrics from the era. I did not know big as well as little stripes were popular. The use of a large strip makes this block appear more complex.
This is week 7 and the block is a Log Cabin for Abe Lincoln's Birthday on February 12. We always cut out paper silhouettes of him with beard and top hat at school. I remember this because my B'day was after Abe's and before Valentines Day. Lots happening which made it festive.
Off to quilting group. Enjoy your stitching Terry

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dessert Sewing and Playing Tag

Apple tart for my dear Wayne's Birthday.

It was a success as a Birthday dessert.I used GF pastry from the Pastry Pantry range. Spread with cherry preserves and sliced apples. A quick basting with melted butter and a dusting of sugar , bake and enjoy.

I would like to introduce you to (oops no name yet)

Anyway she came home to Sydney with me in June. Lots of story about her and I'll fill you in over the next year as she helps me make the Civil War Quilts by Barbara Brackman

Today we played tag and made the first block.

Catch Me If You Can.

I enjoyed today !! Sure hope you did my friends. Terry

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Windfall for QAYG Blocks

IT just keeps coming. Yep weather.... stuff falling out of the sky type causing floods for January. February commenced with a categorie 5 cyclone. All in Queensland.
The rest of the country is experiencing heavy rain which has the potential to cause more flooding . Although prepared there will be loss and an ongoing need. The year we help at home.A couple of quilting windfalls toward helping thoes Australian families.
The strips of squares came my way so I am assembling them in strip fashion (a la qayg). The wadding for 15 of the 20 blocks is left over polar fleece. 10 of the 20 blocks to the stage above. It has been very hot in NSW this week and the second storie sewing room is intolerable so I've moved to the kitchen. More setting up and moving but still.....
The other gift this week is a donation from Forutnes and Fairies of 4 4meter lenghts of fabric for backings and 2 pre-cut waddings. The supplies are arriving and they will be made into comfort quilts.
Have a goodweekend Terry