Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Flowers and Half Blog Anniversary

So much has happened since I started blogging 6 months ago. I was just recovering from a hip replacement. Blogging started as a way to keep in touch with a couple of friends and now. I have a wonderful group of friends through out the world.

Who would have thought.

Wednesday is flower day . This week I began working on some buds to fill in between my beautiful blooms.Blog Half Anniversary

What I hear you ask? I decided it was time for a give away and what better reason than a half Blog Birthday Right?

I purchased a copy of this Simple Pleasures by Anni Downs at the Sydney quilt show in June. I liked it so much I bought a second copy as a give away for one of you my sisters in quilting. To enter just leave a comment. I will announce the winner next week on my One Flower post.

Oh I forgot to mention I used to live in Bathurst where Anni has her shop Hatched and Patched. She was kind enough to sign this little book.

Enjoy your week and don't forget to enter or send your friends over for a visit

Hip Hip Hooray now blow out the candles and make a wish Terry

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Klosjes on Saturday

It's still Saturday somewhere. I'm sure ?

Here are 5 klosjes for the week. I took these already prepped across the Pacific . Ah silly me.

I'm home and sewing klosjes.

A shoe box of embroidery threads . One of the girls at Quilt Camp picked them up for $2 at a garage sale.

Free to a good home.

The good home was mine. I am slowly rewinding and tidying them up. I will up date when finished.

Friday was a trip to the Blue Mountains for lunch and a massive show and tell with dear friend Kaite at Yarngarden. Scoot over for a look at my finished string quilt and Kaite's dragon.

The other news here is a pleasant change in family organisation. I am going to be full time Grama 2 days and 2 nights a week from now till Christmas. My dear GS Cadel is having a partial break from child care before starting school full time in the new year.

Watch this space for more Adventures of Grama and Cadel.

Dear Friends Have a great week. I'll check in if possiable


Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Flower and a Parcel in the Post

Wednesday brings a full bloom and lots of petals. Lots of petals and flowers yet to do. A good job for sitting in the garden if it ever warms up.
Soon I'll be winging about the heat.
This Christmas cactus always blooms in June for our Anniversary. DH calls it the anniversary cactus and this year he brought it inside during a few days of frost. Sydney doesn't get frost every year.
Nice he saved it for me to share.
A parcel in the post from Sandra at The Cumberland Island Quilt Chick
All these cool bits of fabric and card in one envelope. Sandra is enamored with toile so some here. Hot pink willow. what to do with that.
EUREKA A recent self treat from Material Obsession
The quilt The Burbs is a very quirky variation on house blocks and girls. I am going to make a couple blocks from Sandra's gift to start the quilt.
I wasn't sure about publishing a picture of the quilt so haven't. However if you google The Burbs Material Obsession some book sellers have photos on the web.
I'll up date when I actually do something more than plan.

Enjoy your stitching and the day Terry

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quilt Camp part 2

A stunning example of nature's weavers.A crystal clear morning at camp and well on my way to finishing this top. I started it in a class as a mystery quilt over 10 years ago and somehow it ended up in the unfinished box. Quilt camp seemed like the opportunity to complete this UFO.
Much stitching to construct the last 4 rows on the right side. Accomplished Hooray I hear you say. I then attached the 4 rows as a unit to find it was very wrong. Must be time for dinner and wine and aughhh! in no particular order.
The error was in my interpretation of ancient notes. I only needed the final 3 rows. Unpicking and more unpicking and I was ready to attach the 3 rows. Success! Only if I wanted to make a pillow sham for the queen size bed I had planned.
Eureka! If I turned the quilt lengthwise and added some borders it was a decent single bed size. An added bonus the remaining fabric would be used for backing and binding. Glass half full instead of half empty.

Border design decision SIMPLE. I wanted to finish this quilt not return it to the box.
Helpful suggestons fromfrom all corners of the room.
Thanks Everyone!

I settled on a red peeper and purple edges.
What's a peeper I hear you ask? I didn't know but as always quilters are generous with their skills and explained. A peeper is a very small flange (double strip of fabric) stitched into the seam. Like a piping without cord. Mine is 1" cut, folded in half with a 1/4" seam.

I am pleased with the result. The only decision now is do I quilt it or does it go to someone with a longarm machine ?

I'll let you know.

Have a good week stitching and enjoying life.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Old to New

One of these things is not like the other.

Can you tell which one?

4 pot holders woven on a standard pot holder loom.

You guessed!

The potholder on the bottom left was woven by one of my two daughters and is in daily use.

The other 3 potholders were made by my GD Awen. A great project for school holidays.

Visiting Grama and showing me what she had made so far.

Great weaving Awen!

Warping up with weaving chart to her left.

Awen finished weaving this potholder as we sat together working on our craft .
I remember making these as a child and teaching my children as well.

Nice to know my DD is passing on the traditions.

The potholder looms at my house.

Top left Awen's new RED plastic one the easiest to use.

Top right mine 55 years old the teeth are too close so I used to put the loops on every other spike.
Bottom row the DD's looms approx 30yrs old.

Three generations of craft tools for 3 generations of crafters.

Loud Clapping and Cheering


A multi colored woven chicken!

Chicken sandwich

Big Bite

Don't eat the yellow tail feathers.
Chicken Sandwich story by Awen photos by Grama
All other photos by Awen
We had a wonderful Time. Happy Stitching Terry

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer and Street Fairs

Reno is the city of street events during the summer.
The annual jazz festival involved music and lots and lots of boutique brews.
We went for a couple hours and escape.
Larissa ,Bunny, Dan and Nicko
The family. Larissa is Nick,s wife Bunny is Dan's

All the girls.

A Thursday evening event all summer. Sparks and Reno have developed into continuous town over the years but retain the original names

Nick bought some of these for Larissa and strawberries.
She was working a double shift all week for EOY

People in the sun. The teenagers come out to the market. Something to do and when legal drinking age is 21 I guess parents feel more comfortable letting their teens attend.
I'm back and stitching Happy Stitching to All