Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bakers Dozen

Still playing with the lights

still playing.
These three blocks have more scraps contributed by friends. It changes my view when I don't have memories of working with the fabrics before.

The washing is done and we are off to Featherdale Wildlife park today with the grand children

Have a fun day Terry 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nothing Spectacular

Or was it? The week started with 3 golfing buddies of DH's playing his local courses and having a sleep over.

On the sewing scene 

blue gingham left over from shorts

lots of gifted scraps in this block

a scrap of the gingham here   makes stitching these quicker and should help to hold the quilt together visually

and this one makes 10

The remainder of the week included the usual spring cleaning / washing and lots of weeding by DH the lawn hasn't been feed in about 12yrs. When ever he is MIA I just find him hand weeding the lawn.

I guess it's time to think and unwind. Like stitching low volume blocks. Normal week ahead .Whatever that is? Enjoy yours.  Terry

Thursday, September 20, 2012


A trip out with Cadel and Awen

sitting in the pavilion of a new Chinese Garden

standing in the sun at the gates

painting on the roof of the pavilion  I looked at this photo and saw a quilt lay out. Not the images but the horizontal lines starting with a neutral grid, color, strong red stripes finished with a repeat of the grid.  The borders of geometric patterns at the beginning and end of each color segment. What do you see?

Cadel informed me that he was not ready to leave. I had "wasted all his free time taking pictures and he wanted to go see the ducks"  6 year old boys have their own priorities in life. We saw the ducks and spotted fish fry in the pond as well.

Enjoy the week  Terry

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sharing Spring

I traveled with quilting friends to the Katoomba Hospital Auxiliary Quilt Show. The show is a fund raising exhibition. Several of us contributed to the event.

Walking from the parking lot to the exhibition. Read the sign and follow us.

Weeping elm in full bloom under the walkway from the helipad to the quilts.

 I made this quilt awhile ago as an exercise in plaids and stripes.

More from all of us

Grand time seeing our quilts helping out a worthy cause.

Other weekend sewing.  It's book week and Tuesday is Dr Seuss dress-up day.

I was in 4th grade when I learned who Dr. Seuss was. Do you remember when?

A quick break from Lego to pose for the photo.  I am happy Grama.

Hope you all had a good weekend. We sure did.  Terry

Friday, September 14, 2012

turn down the Volume

I managed to find some whites for my low volume blocks.

I'm enjoying the freedom of this project. Not too much worry about what goes where or matching up seams. The laundry is next to the sewing room and with some juggling the ironing board is set up there. It's working well not a very long walk (just next door).

Two more blocks brings the total to six. This is definitely not a quilt with a plan just stitching and enjoying the start of spring.
Have a good weekend. I'm off to the Katoomba Hospital Auxiliary Quilt Show tomorrow and the GChildren are bringing their parents over to watch the Rugby and stay for dinner. The grandchildren are having a sleep over so a good time is anticipated by all.  Hope you all have a good weekend  Terry

Saturday, September 8, 2012

One Finish = Two Starts

I embraced the idea of every time you finish a project you can start not 1 but 2 new projects. Lets see based on my last post I can start 4 new projects or do hemming jeans count ? That gives me 6 doesn't it. O.K. maybe a stretch.

Light Scraps  and the blog land buzz about low volume quilts sent me to Bumble Beans new challenge

half a 12" sq while the vegies cooked for supper.

I snuck away while the nice washing machine got on with the job and I made 4 (light?) blocks.

I really DO NOT have whites. My low volume neutrals are in the cream light range. Maybe someone who doesn't want their whites will send some my way.

Until then

a further search of the stash revealed more fabrics most of which seem to be pink(?) I have no memory of buying pink but there it is. Maybe the quilting elves brought it in the night.

  Stop by and I'll post on my progress with this easy stitching journey. Enjoy the weekend.   Terry

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amazing Week long post make coffee

My week has been wonderful and I need to share it with all of you my Friends

Friday  I was featured on Friday Friends over at Blue Mountain Daisy  a first. Lots of fun thank you Rachael!

Saturday  2 quilts finished for Windsor Community Quilters.  Both quilts were started by others and I rescued the blocks and incomplete top making comfy quilts.

The garden furniture quilt has pleased the maker of the blocks. I'm happy Fredia's happy.

A partially completed top from an unknown quilter. I button holed the row of applique on the right and added side and top borders. Nice to collaborate with a kindred spirit.

Sunday a special kind of shopping

Trunk Shopping  a variation on shopping your stash. The trunk arrived in Australia 2 months after DH and I did holding all our worldly possessions.

A few samples to audition

Try again

Ah! more pop!

Sides cut and ready for assembling on Tuesday.

I'm getting tired and it isn't even Monday.

Monday no photos I took the camera to quilting to take pictures but had so much fun teaching some basic felting (for 5 hours) that i forgot to snap everyone having fun. Great night of skill sharing what a buzz.

Tuesday was Community quilts and some of us worked on tops using Dorthy's scrap strips.

The lay out of the greens was a completed top by mid afternoon.  I stitched on all the edges and started on putting the rows together.

Wednesday featured some unpicking of a different type

Stitches removed and skin cancer all gone. To celebrate I stopped at Hobbysew

Eye candy is NOT fattening. Besides I have used 5 1/2 meters of fabric from the stash since Saturday and I only bought 6 20cm pieces.    More celebrating DH and I went to the local Thai restaurant with a bottle of bubbly to toast the SALE of the two story house. Yeah!! the no more stairs journey is complete after 8 months.

Thursday  to be continued.......



DH's jeans are never short enough 29" inseam. This pair went real well. phew!!

The corded neckpiece and a how to make felt sample are the sort of things we made on Monday.

Mt quilt top made from Dorthy's scrap bin is stitched together.

A little bit of progress on the circle block while waiting at the doctors'

Where Next?