Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quilt Camp

Early Morning at Quilt Camp
Hardly seems like it was only a week ago.
The stumpy tail lizard was outside my cabin door. He is about 8"(20cm) long.
More afraid of me then anything else.

Grevillia is the name of this native flower. Each color and size has more to it's name but I'm no expert.

Looking toward the sleeping cabins

Every one's gone to lunch on the second day.

The quilt in the bottom left (sorry about lighting ) is mine. More in a week or so.

View as I look to my left while stitching.
It doesn't get much better than this Australian bush overlooking the Hawksbury River.

I had a great weekend away. Almost completed
a long outstanding quilt top.
Had a wonderful time with other quilters in a truly beaut setting.

Happy Stitch to all this week... Terry

Vale Gwen Clark

Gwen Clark my Mom left this life early today.
This picture was taken on Mother's Day. A lasting memory.She will be missed by her children , grand children and great grand children.
She read to us all. Taught me to embroider and baked the best peanut butter cookies ever
I will return to the states tomorrow. I will have computer access but don't know if I will be able to post photos while away. Think of me and say a prayer for my Mom.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trains Hexagons and One Flower Wednesday

A foggy cold morning waiting for the train to Sydney today.

Traveling by train to the city has been my time for hexagon stitching this week.
I did the boring part of this little beauty today.

The reason for today's trip was to see the Sydney Quilt Show.

More in a minute.......A tasty assortment of scrap hexies from Sunday's trip to the city.

DH and I went the Mitchell Library Centenary exhibition

One Hundred My first visit to the Mitchell was on the Saturday afternoon of our first day in Australia as migrants. No one told us everything would close at 12noon. The library was open, warm and had toasted cheese sandwiches. All welcoming to us 39 years ago.

The 2010 Quilt Show

A huge range of quilts. Styles ..Size..Techniques

I was captured by the scale of the Baltimore Style applique in this quilt from the featured Quilter Gai Haines .
The quilt was done in a class with Kim McLean.


I'm heading off to Quilt Camp at Ferndale early Friday morning for 3 days of stitching and the usual comraderie. No mobile phones No internet Just good friends , good food and I hope lots of stitching.

Full report early next week.

I wish for you all some time for stitching in the next few days. Terry

Here is another version of the quilt I'm smitten with. Different colors and style. Something to think about.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Slow Quilting

Quilts are often slow in the making.
The quilts we work on seem to fall into two groups. Quick machine pieced and slow hand work.
My newest project is a SLOW one. I quilt with a woman who calls her slow cooked soup bottom of the fridge soup. My scrap hexagons are definitely bottom of the boxes slow quilting.
That being said sometime in the past couple of weeks I have managed to cut out what seems like heaps of hexagons. Covering them in off moments and in between other jobs.
I arranged them in a plastic tackle box. They are sort of color graded in the hopes that as I start to stitch them together I don't end up with big areas of one color. So far it seems like a good idea. Thanks to the fisher folk for a useful box.
Eye Candy
A closeup view of my box of hexagons is definitely eye candy. It reminds me of the round soft pastel colored mints that were arranged in rows in candy boxes.
I think they were Easter Candy but I'm not sure. Anyone know?

Lots more slow quilting to go. Tomorrow DH and I are taking the train to and from the city to see an exhibition of old Australian Documents. Hum 2 hours of hexagon covering. Yep I can handle that.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. We are celebrating the Queen's Birthday which means 3days. Happy Stitching to all. Terry

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Flower Wednesday

Two new flowers for my garden.

I like stitching the pretty bits but know the surrounds need to be done as well.

Today I covered neutral hexies while waiting for my annual mammogram.

Covering hexagons are an excellent project for times like these.

I'm glad to be back tending my garden.

Happy Stitching and enjoy your cuppa Terry

First Tuesday Update

The Fence Rail quilt project is one I am sharing with Ria and Natima.

Last month both Nat and Ria posted pictures of their border fabrics. Ria's traditional Dutch fabric and Nat's Japanese fabric from her trip. Both choices reflecting the quilters.

Nat suggested that I should purchase my border in the U.S. while I was there.

Red white and blue seemed the obvious choice. Flag images were too kitch so I choose two fabrics one red and one blue. My quilt is scraps from my stash reduction programme. Lots of stripes and blues in the darker sections.

Last week yielded more scraps so my quilt will grow this month.I'm thinking this might be a new table cloth.

Food for thought?

Have a week of Happy Stitching Terry