Friday, July 17, 2015

Stash & Scraps

The end of a quilt always has some left overs to tidy up. Kind of like the refrigerator

leftovers that make great meals.

Scraps make great quilts.

I started making 4 patch blocks from the undersized swapped blocks.  I searched for the Addicted to Scraps column in Quiltmaker which I purchased during the visit with family in April.

Wow that was a long time ago.

Thought I'd try a couple Idaho Square Dance  blocks featured in Bonnie's  column. There are 28  1 1/2" squares in the finished 7" block. 32 pieces in total.

Yikes *!*!    Oh well I guess just a couple .     So cutting commenced ......

I remembered all the leftover  delicacies from Archer's Quilt.

and ..... continued  cutting 1 1/2" squares  and 2" squares and 2 1/2" tumblers.

The cutting was over a couple of days as you can see from the change in the tiny tiny off cut pile.

Don't ever think husband's don't know what we're up too. Mine walked by almost at the end of this cutting session and asked "What are you up to? All so small must be Doll Quilts. "

I never cut pieces this small and he knows it. All I can say in my defense
is " Bonnie made me do it"

If your a scrap saver wishing to reduce the size of your stash check out her blog ( see link above).

So much eye candy.

Enjoy Terry

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Waiting for Borders

The center of the ninepatch swaps quilt is together.

Really happy with the results. Neutrals are not my normal "go to " for setting or sashing but it really makes this jumble sale come together.

The brights pop while the older "uglies" are cut small enough to just be colour.

There are a few contemporary fabrics that would give away the age of the quilt but it also has some oldies. Just yesterday I spotted a green version of a print I had in cream. It was from my early ,early 90's stash

The center measures 80 "× 60".  The quilt will go to the waiting to be sashed pile. I bought the neutral on sale so there is plenty for the borders and binding. My goal is to keep the colors dancing across the quilt.

Still on crutches so ironing the top and cutting yardage is on the back burner. 

Moving on to cutting scraps . Small projects for a while.

Have a happy day.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Stitched to the Nines

The nine patch blocks are going together well.

The saying that the whole is greater than the parts certainly applies to this quilt. The pinapple in the bottom left is from my stash and it's reeeally ugly as yardage but nestled in with the soft blue and pink it just reads as yellow. Spots,stripes,civil war
and little florals all play happily together.

A completed corner makes me happy.  It is lots of fun to see a scrappy quilt come together. All thoes fabrics loved or unloved it doesn't matter; it's just a visual feast of colour.

More strips ready to add to the fun. The neutral is a tonal grey (with just a hint of light, light purple ) and I do mean light. The grey is sitting in the background letting all the little 1 1 /2 " gems sparkle.

I am feeling better and stronger.  The walking from the sewing machine to the ironing board has been good rehab for both the hip and me. Wayne took me out for a drive this afternoon.  We went up the back road into the Blue Mountains a nice ride in the bush. Good to be out of the house.

Enjoy your weekend.  Terry