Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stash, Scraps and Klosjes

Saturday Klosjes
I have 19 klosjes but it has taken me 3 weeks and a lot of waiting time to have this many to post. My total is 39....maybe more now that I'm home. I do like stitching these 2" darlings.The remainder of last week was spent on a mission to cull the scraps. Anything I could use for strings went to completing these finale 6 blocks of QAYG quilt.
The remainder of the scraps found themselves in 3 piles.
Charm Squares for a future hexagon quilt
Strips 1 1/2"x6" for fence rail quilt
The remaining scraps went out the door.

It was good to use and then throw out bits too small for anything. I have more space (well a little).

And feeling virtuous I cooked a chicken dinner for DH DD and her BF. It is nice to have family drop in. They are all laughing at T.V. I'm off to join in.
Have a good week.

Happy Stitching Terry

Thursday, May 20, 2010

One Flower Wednesday First Visit

Good afternoon I hope you are all enjoying a cuppa while gardening.
Introductions are in order so here goes. I'm Terry and my flowers have been languishing far too long.
One Flower Wednesday seemed the answer to sorting through the green house (closet really) and joining in the fun.
Everything pink in this post..... tea cup, roses on my hexie, butterfly and nearly the last rose of summer.
I hope you all had a wonderful afternoon. I did!
Happy Stitching my fellow gardeners Terry

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Revisit for Retail Therapy

Beauty is in the Eye of the beholderA solid cement warehouse is not the most esthetically pleasing structure.
It's contents are.

A trip down memory lane : My family moved to Reno NV in 1971 as I was migrating to Australia. The first visit to my parents new home found me craving fabric for a quilt.
Early one morning my Dad arrived outside this bunker of a building.

The inside is as I remember it from 1973.
I shopped till I dropped that day and returned to OZ with enough fabric for 2 quilts.
One for me and

One for Mom and Dad

The third full size quilt I made.

No rotary cutters or grid rulers in those days.

My wonderful brother holding my purchases .

He had to show me ALL....... the camouflage fabric

Making my purchases...more about them later.

I am packed and and ready to start on my homeward journey.

Thank you all dear friends for your support over the past 5 weeks. Next post from Sydney Australia. Terry

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Silver, Snow and Saturday Klosjes

The summit of Mt Rose has some snow cover all year round. You could see it from my mother's kitchen window.

Wild West

Virginia City is a silver mining town of the late 1800's now turned tourist town with original shop fronts intact.

No not an allusion the wooden sidewalk does undulate.

DB and SinL enjoying the sights.

DB and I soaking up some sun.
Here I am standing on the summit of Mt Rose. The pole indicates the snow depth up to 18'.

Stately pondersoa pines in the background.

Saturday Klosjes
I managed 6 this week and they have a bit more depth of color thanks to finding a couple more charm packs.
Happy Mother's Day to you all dear friends. Terry

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Klojes

Vintage spools from D Dad's sewing box.
Find the most expensive spool of thread.
Times have changed.
Snow flurries on the last day in April

Beautiful flowers by my SinL Bunny.
We had these and several other pots indoors over the last 3 days to save them from the frost and snow.
4 klosjes for the week.
Sigh (ahhh)
Well some are better than none . Right?
Have a lovely day Terry