Wednesday, April 22, 2015

unplanned adventure

Views fron the plane window over the Sierra Nevada Mts as I fly from Los Angeles  to Reno.  I made a quick decision to visit My youngest brother and with the help of a great travel agent was on my way.

The flight from Sydney to Los Angeles is 14hrs and 30 min. traveling 120 km. the section with the snow capped mts is 1.5 hrs. 

More mountain views this one from my bedroom window. My niece and nephew were wonderful hosts. 

Another view of the same mountain but from my brother's drive way.  The visit was predominately family catching up.  As the eldest I had my brain picked for stories, memories and family details. Seems I am now the keeper of the knowledge. 

Yes there was fabric. My niece Larissa is also a quilter . Her preference for batik saw us sharing some yardage. 

The Easter Bunny brought more batik and a co-ordinated bundle of aqua through greys.

Small cuts of novelty neutrals and brights were purchased to add to the scrappy stash. They were all 10cm cuts. Very generous cutting everywhere we shopped.

I am home and working on suprise stitching for soon to arrive Grandchild. Today is set aside for sewing in threads. I finished the ditching last night . YAHOO!!!!!!!

 Hope everyone gets through the day with something to smile about. very wet and rainy here so a good time to stitch.