Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nine patches

All the scrappy strips are stitched together. I stitched all the swaped strips together into random nine patches. The random mix of everyone's scraps are like the mixture of quilty friends.

Happy, funny and the whole is bigger than all the parts. Some of the scraps are from recent quilts and others verg on vintage.

All the nine patch block stitched together. I 'm ready to stitch all of everyone's scraps into a happy quilt.

More random placement of blocks is mixing it up as a corner is started

I'm happy to have this under my needle. Hope you are doing something you  enjoy today.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Simple Stitching

Simple strip piecing was cause for joy this afternoon. I didn't sew for too long but it made my day.  Returning to a quilt from earlier this year means I am on the mend.

Stacks of scrappy strips were stitched in units of 3's, then cross cut and traded with 7 other friends at quilt group.

Stitching theses into nine patches for Bonnie Hunter's quilt Rick  Rack Nine Patch.

and another hexie

Making progress on a couple ufo's !!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hexagon Suprise

These novelty print hexies are part of an unexpected but wonderful gift from Rachel at Blue Mountain Daisy

A talented quilter and blogger that has been keeping me in touch with the quilting world during recent times.

The wonderful Dilly Bag came with the gift of scraps.

All of these treasures will be added to the hexagon sample tin.

My collection of 1" hexies all different fabrics. Covering the papers started a few years ago when my hands needed a task. I don't remember if there was a project but now it is just a collection of fabric samples.

The colorful rows remind me of lollies.  Full of promise. Some of the samples have personal memories and others are shared from friends and family.

Now a gift from a fellow quilter who's style is modern with a twist of traditional has returned my interest to the box of hexies.

I shall start covering papers and delight in the color and diversity of the prints being added to the sample tin.

Meanwhile stop over at Rachel's and enjoy her beautiful winning entry in the Sydney Quilt Show.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Home at Last

I came home on Saturday to wait for the bone graph to heal . Mandatory crutches, partial weight bearing and a lot of forced sitting around.

Sometimes it's fuzzy and other times just as life should be.

Archer brought his "olds" over yesterday so he could get in some quality Grama and Grampa  time. We both got to cuddle lots which was great medicine.  Archer and DH laid on the lounge together watching Sunday avo footie.

I have been slowly stitching away at another flower. Things seem to be  very  much in slow motion but being winter it's as good a reason as any to take it easy and heal.

Hope you all have some lovely stitching to work along on.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Evening Update

The surgery was late Monday afternoon and the following two days are a blur. I am up an walking short distances with a frame that uses my arms to support a lot of the weight on my left. The physio told me I am building upper body strength.  I hope that means less nana arms but fear no. I have managed 4 fill-in shapes.

The days have been winterish meaning warm if you're in a sheltered sunny spot.
DH reports a few daffodils have sprouted but the only flowers  are zygote cactus.

Enjoy your week. Terry