Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fiber Finish

Lovely blended top of merino wool and 10% silk.  I have been spinning this delicious combination of colour and the enjoyable feel of the fiber provided hours of enjoyment.

100 gms of tops gave me 2 bobbins of yarn. The color became muted as the variety of colors blended during the spinning and plying.

The incidental blending of the plying produced a soft green with swathes of stronger color.

Ready for washing to set the twist. Still liking the contrast of the heather green and the richer blends.

Driftwood collected along the Macquarie River complements the lights and darks of the completed yarn. Now to wind the yarn into balls and commence knitting.

I have a project in mind which I think will highlight the variety of colors.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Seeing Pink

Pink is not usually in my colour vocabulary but how could I not just love this .

A beautiful PINK colistiman was on the table. DH had picked it up at the hardware while shopping for a bolt to mend his golf cart. Such a thoughtful suprise to find when I returned from a day of stitching.

Knitted flowers of pink

Hand spun pink dyed with conchinoal and the lighter shades were yellows overdyed with conchional. My GS described it as" a beanie for she cup of tea"

A vintage enamel ware candlestick.  The colour PINK is unusual.

More pink , this time part of a collection of fabric given to me by my DD#1for Christmas.

The collection of all things pink is a reflection of some things that interest me.  I guess pink is part of my life...... just not my first go to colour.
Do you have favorite always there colours in your life?

Have a good week Terry