Friday, February 24, 2012

Fiber Archaeology



 sorting cupboards and found some long lost treasure


Two skeins of hand spun still in the grease with a couple small balls of singles waiting to be plied. The spool is also full and ready to skein.

Evening has found me just sitting !!
                                        maybe some mindless knitting will calm the chaos. 
 I'm thinking a shawl ?

 I'm sure there's some more hand spun somewhere.

All of you enjoy your weekend. We are having lunch on Sunday with 5 of the Birthday people so far in 2012. The missing one is attending a friends wedding.   Terry

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Word


Yesterday I embraced the sorting boxes in the shed that became wet during a violent thunderstorm. Not my plan but I did find my wedding photos still dry and a book box full (of books) to be donated to the library.

Today I am embracing the sewing room. The view from the doorway messy but manageable I hear you say.

...........note the 2 chest of drawers have clothing not fabric easy             BUT WAIT

Behind those doors is the treasure about to be sorted, remembered and hopefully CULLED. 
".....another man's treasures  "

I shall report on my progress sometime soon until then  Terry

Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly up Date

It has only taken 5 years of living in this house to get the garage so tidy. It's the first big clean and sort to sell our home . Up side less stuff to move.

Lots of  WORDS have been showing up in blogs. Blue Mountain Daisy with a tutorial link. Bumble Beans too .
I have been pondering the changes in my life and the causes. My word was a stoic view and I couldn't rally to do anything. But a bit of distance from the news about my knees offered the opportunity to rework the original word. A few moments during the week and this is the result  so far.

 The letters of my word are all jumbled up from some off beat continuous stitching. Go on GUESS. Let me know what you come up with. hint __ not all letters are upper case.

To Be Continued....


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Little sewing Big news

A block for Triangles Galore ready to go. Check out more at 15min play.


DH and I bought a new home this week. It is single story. No more stairs for me and my knees which have worn out as well as my right hip which is already made from titanium and porcelain.

The house is only 1km from where we now live so we don't have to change any day to day stuff. Wippie!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend  Terry

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Sifting through the scraps to find just the right combination for more made fabric.

The box fell over and I found a few scraps I didn't  remember having. Bottom right cow hide.  Not for this project but ......

A plum colored selection for a cohesive piece of made fabric. So far all my playing as been random.

Foraging is always fun. You never know what treasures you might find. The result so far from the scrap box.

Next step cut up the fabric I just stitched together Ah Ah . Sounds strange but I know it is the process for me.

Have a good day  Terry