Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Great Find

Finding a set of quilt blocks sparks the imagination of a quilter. All sorts of questions are asked. I found just such a set of signature blocks.

 Questions of a Quilt Sleuth

 WHO?      The signatures are from my Husband's family and mine.
 WHAT?    A memory from the last visit to the USA that included
                  extended family on both sides.
 WHEN?   Summer 199
 WHERE? At family gatherings in  Nevada, Michigan and Ohio.
 HOW?      Each time family members gathered I asked them to sign 3
                  The 3 sets of signed blocks where divided between
                   my 2 DD's and myself.
 WHY?      Signature quilt blocks traditionally celebrate significant
                  These blocks  are a record of Family


A search through the scraps and every other box I could find unearthed scraps of most of the fabrics in the original signature blocks.

CHALLENGE    Make a quilt !!!!

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Unexpected finds and memories are the reasons I quilt.
What do you enjoy about your quilting ?  Terry                     

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Still Learning

Not much stitching has been happening since my return from holidays.
Until yesterday when I began to think about small gifts for friends as Christmas approaches.

I found a quick gift called a needle pad over at Janet's. A newly discovered kindred spirit in NZ.

My first needle pad

My Dad taught me to do a button hole stitch so I could make felt toys for my younger brothers. Now that was well over 50 years ago.

The new bit is button hole stitch with a picot.  Very delicate!!

Hope on over to Janet's for a great tutorial with words and pictures.  I changed the size of my needle pad to 2"x3".

Learning new things always brings a smile to my face.

D.H. and I are going to watch the GC's play steel drums. Good to be out with the family.

Enjoy the day  Terry