Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Fix

Fixing the flitting from project to project. Otherwise known as being unsettled.

Why am I unsettled? Because I still have not organised my house and it's driving me crazy. I know I can move things around if it doesn't work but I just couldn't get my head around where it should start.

Eureka  ? ?


2 bits from a 1980's wall unit sitting empty in the family room. Empty because I was determind not to live with odd bits of furniture just because they were there...........but wait.....   maybe I can get the dated wall units out of the family room and find it a useful new home.

The new sewing room with lots of clutter. Not welcoming

the open shelves removed and the wall unit won't take up anymore floor space.

the timber (laminated) wall units will go with the timber skirting boards and window frames. Furniture moving when DH is available.  I'll update!!

A Finished Quilt wh00000 h000000

the chip quilt top from January before we even  
ed the move.

Ta! Da! all ready to cheer up a local nursing home. Now just so you know I am much better at repurposing than chucking   The legs from a Jones treedle were salvaged from all trash pick up. 
Originaly it was a baby change table ,then a plant table which for the past decade has held the printer and hard drive.

No longer required it sits in the sun with the B.B.Q.  I have an idea  stay tuned.

Enjoy your weekend!! Stitch and do something that makes you smile. Even unpack boxes  


Monday, June 25, 2012

Embracing Change

O.K. my WORD for the year. I am returning to it in an attempt to progress. I am unsettled and feel like life has lost it's rhythm.

In an attempt to regain my rhythm today is Mondays post.

Trip to the Sydney Quilt Show.

The show was Eye Candy but the few photos I took reflect an interest in combinations of ideas/techniques.
I was very remiss and the focus of the tag isn't clear enough to credit the quilter. I can tell you it is #150. Can anyone help?

The story of the quilt is a color wash arrangement of I Spy novelty fabrics. The quilt just reached out and grabbed me. Perhaps because it brought order to chaos without judgement. I love the color as focus of each framed square like a window on Van Gogh, Gaughain and Matisse. 

The more I view this image the more it reaches out. I will not fight with my choices this week. I will 


A study in quiet thought.  The dominate male guarding his pregnant mate during and afternoon rest.

The sense of calm I'm searching for?

Carpe Diem  have a good one   Terry

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back and Playing

Yes playing with Bumble Beans at 15 min play.

Tuesday was quilting day

After a morning of serious sewing

Lunch with lots of laughter was on the menu.  Always nice to share.

ocher is the challenge for this piece of made fabric

peach was deffinately a challenge
avacado in progress

I don't have a plan for these color experiments but it's nice just to play.

Enjoy your day  Terry  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seeing Spots and Stripes

Did you know that each zebra is striped differently ?

Some zebras are tri-colored . There is a tan stripe or shadow between the black stripes.

Spots .... big and little.  check out the Dresden plate at the base of the giraffe's neck.

A very pregnant cheetah passing bye.

The trip was lots of fun. long hours but once in a life time.
I have been unpacking boxes and most of the quilting stuff has a temporary home. I finished the last of the boxes in the house today!! shush  don't mention half a garage still to be sorted... 

I hope to get some stitching done soon. It's been a long time.

Have a good weekend    Terry