Monday, December 19, 2016


There has been stitching. Lots of small bits in between the activities of the season.

All the hexies since the October ones. This is the grap and go project.

These Christmas scrappy hearts turned up in the Christmas tree decorations box. I added the crazy quilting stitchery and buttons.

The branches in the tea pot have hearts as well as other home made decorations.

These Wild  and Goosey  blocks are a journey into paper piecing. Up dates as these pretties grow in number.

Over cast and grey day ________ a good day to play ______ in my scraps.

Enjoy whatever the week brings your way !

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

CHristmas Tree 2017

The Christmas tree always brings happy memories .

Happy memories of childhood making candles covered in whipped wax and smothered  with glitter. My brothers and I loved the time with Dad.

I look at my tree and remember DH making Santas from blown out egg shells for heads with his girls over 40 years ago. Those  Santas are still on the tree.

Other memories of my Mother baking and carrying on the traditions with my own children and grandchildren .

Happy Grama

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Quilt Hanging

Today I had a Eureka  moment.  DH was hanging up outdoor Christmas lights and I thought now's the time.

Yep!! time to find a place to hang a quilt. We've lived in this house for over 5 years and in that time no quilts have adorned the walls.

I fossicked around and found nice brass curtain hangers from two houses ago. Got out the stud finder and my lovely man about the house joined in.

DH bought this quilt in a street market in China  23 years ago .  He just told me " on the road to the Entombed Warriors ".  He has always been supportive .

The quilt is paper pieced. I know this because it crunches also while it was having an airing the sun shining through a pale yellow triangle revealed Chinese writing.

The blocks were made by different stitchers and then assembled. The shapes of the animals vary and the needle skills of the maker.  No matter it is nice to have it hanging in the entrance hall.

More important it is a wonderful  gift from my Best Friend.