Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On the Fence

A finished top from the stash photographed in the dappled light of the afternoon.

I enjoyed this quick quilt. It will find a home in the new year. I'm sure it will keep someone warm and happy.

Have a good day tomorrow and tomorrow  Terry

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Saffron Craig in Magic Land

Saffron Craig has waved her magic wand over Magic Lands. Saying the magic word " Red and Pink" and quick as a wink a rosy blush appears.

The landscape invites you to play... cut and rearrange  

The dandelions promise wishes will come true.

Visit for more magic and a give away .

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Fuzzy Blankie for Basics

A fuzzy Blankie or what to do on a 36-C day in Sydney.
Stitch a blankie for Basics

Yup yesterday was a hot day with wind to match. The sort you hope there are no fires and stay inside.

I retired to the sewing room with fan ,ice water and a pile of squares.

I was gifted enough flannel sometime earlier this year for a blankie (read small loved quilt).

The quantity was clearly intended for a rag quilt. It's a technique I hadn't tried before and decided the Basics Quilt drive would make a great home for one. It's 10-C and temperatures are dropping for winter there.

Started stitching at 11am and finished at 5pm with stops for lunch and the exciting parts of the Presidents Cup. (golf a DH thing).

I clipped the edges during two episodes of Big Bang followed by The Closer.  Yeah all older episodes on fox but it gives you an idea of how long it took. 
Stitching and clipping time I figure 5-6hrs. I think that's well spent time learning a new technique and having a gift of warmth and love for someone.

The Basics Blankie is in the washing machine fluffing up. Finished result photo before being posted to the Big Apple.

There's time left to support the quilt drive. My first quilt only took 10 days to arrive in N.Y. form Sydney. Check out the details here.

 Off to hang up the washing (giggle).  Have a great week  Terry 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Secret Sewing

I am quietly stitching  But can only show peeks as it's the secret sewing done at this time of year. You guessed it presents and surprises to soon be posted as tokens of friendship.

 The small gifts you make sometimes last a long time. Here's one I can share.

I made a small calico bag with a shoelace cord for DH about 35 years ago. It was modeled after the marble bags I made my brothers when I was young (at least a half century ago). 

The red shape on the yellow square is a visual pun. It is worn as evidenced by worn holes on the tag and bag. I just love that my Dear One still uses it for his golf tees. A very small bit of Christmas stitching still in use is a thank you all the time. 

  No wonder I like this time of year and gifts from the heart. 

Sending you all warm wishes as I return to secret stitching.  Terry

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have an idea for the quilt using the medallion print from Mulhouse.

I'm going to use the klosjes I stitched last year for the first and second round . I need to make 5 more klosjes to stitch.

Have a good week.  Terry

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Day at the Museum

No stitching this week due to surgery and a lot of laying about. BUT I have a plan and your invited to travel to Mulhouse in Alsace with me and see the beginnings of my idea.

Arriving after an early start by train.

Stroll across the canal to the Museum of Printed Textiles

A day learning to use wooden blocks from the museum's collection.

Making choices and getting ready to print

A wonderful lunch prepared by Celine. The young artist who helped me with the adventure. We even used dinnerware designed for the museum.

Lots more printing   Celine adding a couple more in empty spaces. I was worn out by now.

Two meters of quilters muslin printed with blocks from the textile museum. After lunch I realised I would cut up this fabric so trying to get edges to meet wasn't necessary. I just enjoyed the printing.

My plan I am going to use this small piece of printing for the center of a medallion quilt.  Progress reports to come.

My day of printing at the museum was wonderful. As quilters we all have our own stories about our quilts and this is a story that will return many time over.

Have a good weekend where ever you are.  Terry