Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let the Show Begin and Short Blog Holiday

A view of the N.S.W. Quilters Guild Show. There were a couple more rows underneath me but I didn't want to risk a dive over the balcony. It was an excellent show The year of Dear Jane quilts and an on going love of Japanese prints.
I met up with Rachel and we had a lovely get to know each other in person. So much fun when you meet a blogger buddy.

This incredible quilt is a tribute to Margaret Preston. Margret was an early 20Th C Australian


The quilt is amazing. I took the photo before the prizes were awarded but it took out 4 I think including Best of Show and Hangers Award

The Gang Gang won 1St place Art Quilts.

I took the photos early and even then had to struggle with enthusiastic admires.

Subsequently I missed the names of the Quilters. Apologies

Shopping ?

The show was excellent so glad I went. I will be having a week holiday in Vanuatu while D.H. and I enjoy our Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

All of you do something for your self and something for a loved one over the next few days.

Hug to all Terry

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Play Day

Today I played. While your pondering the significance of this.Look
Beautiful flowers from my Family
Thank You

The dynamite on the back of my jacket for the Quilt Show at Darling Harbour tomorrow. Dear Rachael started me thinking and the Eureka moment was the initials for my blog T N T.

Stitch...Play...Had lots of fun. Maybe someone will ask me about it tomorrow at the show.

Weather is blustery and almost freezing Burrrr. Have a good hump day. Terry

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Over the Rainbow

Wondering what I'd find at the end of the rainbowI packed my swag.

The gorgeous rainbow was early Friday morning. Nature started the day out right and I accomplished something good.

I completed my quilt for Japan.

Rachel of Blue Mountain Daisy the photo of the back is for you.

Temple stitching in Mongolia.

Patchwork cover on the benches used by the monks for prayer.

The weekend has been a good one. Lots of cooking and sharing love and laughter with my family.

Sunday Lunch celebrated Wayne's and my 40Th Wedding Anniversary. Real date is next Sunday. In September we will have been in Australia for 40 years. A good 40 years.

Enjoy your week and the Quilt Show if your in Sydney. Terry

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mongolian Animals

D.H. known as Wayne in the Gobi desert with dioasour bones.

Mongolian horses returned to the wild and doing well.

Bactran camels. Wayne took a ride on one.

Mother yack and baby. Yack yogurt was like other natural yogurt.

More photos from exotic Mongolia next time Terry

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Staying Awake

Morning started at 4A.M. to meet D.H. at the airport after his adventure in Mongolia.

He had a great time and we are trying to stay awake so ...........playing in photo shop.

The computer doesn't run over your fingers when tired. Manipulated version of made fabric on the table from the previous post

My silly Ger.

The actual piece of made fabric . I've joined 15 minutes play over at Bumble Beans Inc . I'm a hoarder of fabric and although there have been lots of strip blocks for charity this past couple of years I still have lots of bits. The most vintage scrap is the top rt. corner from D.D.#1 Confirmation dress (25 years ago).

Do you have any of these fabrics? What did you use them for? It's lots of fun with no rules.

I know it's not the weekend yet but have a good one . Be kind to yourself.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stitching Holiday at Home

Oh My is that my sewing space?Yes and it is being returned to the status of a dinning room. D.H. has sent a message to say lots of wild life on a good holiday in Mongolia. A couple days of R&R in Korea and then home.

The chaos appeared as I stitched and cut and stitched and pinned and didn't clean up At All. LOL
My easy stitch Yoyo. Big Size
I wanted some large yoyo's to add texture and color to a fun quilt.

I traced around a lunch plate for the circle.
Turned over a small hem and gathered the yoyo BUT don't fasten off.
I then found a glass slightly smaller than the finished BIG yoyo.

I used the glass as a template to draw a circle in the center and machine stitched it to the background .
Once machine stitched down gather up and fasten off.
Lots easier and faster than applique.

This is the size of the finished yoyo.

Lots of projects need finishing. I promise show and tell soon. I have had a great time doing MY thing . Now it's time to have D.H. back here with me.

Have a good week and try to fit in some stitching my Friends. Terry