Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Everything Turns

All the gadgets in the wool making process twirl and whirl with lots of help


I enjoyed having such wonderful help and grandson time. 
Look at that swift go.

The swift whirls while the wool winder turns makeing lovely yarn buns....." look hash tags" .  The language of my grand children's world. 


Following all the laughter and fun of assembling and disassembling the windy things some serious trials were conducted.
And the results are in. ?.... the small square is the correct gauge for the pattern I want to knit. The colour in this photo is accurate but I'm not expecting such obvious stripes in the drappy vest. The vest is knitted sidways over 185 sts. The swatch is only 27 sts.
My best guess is it will be a more blended look.

Have a good middle of the week.  Terry

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A January Finish

During my second day with the spinners some one brought up the topic of finishing projects. I know that anyone who creates has unfinished projects in the cupboard and under the bed. Do you have secret hidding space for thoes somday projects?
Now don't get me wrong some starts are just not worth going back to.I get it.......  If I rummage around lots of wips and ufo's will see the light of day. Some might even get finished.

This project was sitting in plain sight


 16 rows is all it took to finish Yes you can ask why this lovely shawl  sat in a basket? The answer is the rows were really long .

The "weavers" shawl was knitted from the top down with increases that gave it shape. I added a couple extra repeats of the pattern for length which makes the shawl cover my back a comes down to my elbows. A work shawl traditionally tied around the back keeping the wearer warm and the ends out of the work being done.

My finish was completed on the last day of January qualifying it for the first finish of the year in the first month of the year. I took it along to spinning as it was all my spinning I figured some bragging rights were attached. The up shot of this is a challenge for the last meeting of the month to be the meeting for sharing a finish.

Maybe a goal to adopt for this year. I do feel good about completing my first UFO.
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