Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Van Gough Meets Crazy Quilts

Children's art exhibit



Hope your smiling too Terry

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Across the Finish Line

Making Brown was completed except for hand stitching the binding 4 years ago.

The quilt was always going to be a Birthday present for GS Cadel.
Today is birthday #7

just the right size
ready to be wrapped up
is it a punching bag?
it could be a pillow
The quilt underwent  extensive road testing to be found as worthy of wrapping up in.
The Birthday quilt was happily slept under at Grama's house for the first night and carefully taken home.
Happy Birthday Cadel  Love Grama

Friday, July 12, 2013

Two Great Nights Out

Thursday night I crossed the Harbor to North Sydney for an inspiring evening with the legendary Gwen Marston.

She generously shared her journey  of quilting with samples and techniques explored over 30 years. We laughed as she mixed humour with a detailed explanation of her experiments with solids and the results.

Gwen's  animated delivery engaged us all in the discoveries but made photography tricky. I departed ready to expand my quilting with more solids. I am glad quilting always gives me new challenges and wonderful people.
Friday Night tonight DH and I went to the movies. The Lone Ranger was so so funny. From radio to television and a wonderful spoof on the big screen. A great night out.  I highly recommend it.
Have a fun weekend. Terry

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Miles to Go.......

The line from Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening  a Robert Frost poem captures my past week of stitching.
I have spent hours and hours quilting miles and miles. My piece for the architecture challenge at 15minutesplay.com .

A detail of the stitching


I now acknowledge that black is hard to stitch on and even more difficult to photograph.

  The quilt is sideways to show the miles and directions of the stitching.

The Train Station in this photo the color and proportion is correct but the stitching is not as clear.

I learned a lot about quilting with a walking foot for this challenge. Now time to develop this burgeoning relationship with my new friend the walking foot. I'm thinking any color other than black or navy would be much kinder to my eyes.

Off to tidy the sewing space
sort fabric
reorganize the stash
decide weather to complete a work in progress
start on something new
What are you doing ? Maybe I could do a bit of both .