Wednesday, April 30, 2014


A little bit of knitting resulted in

A very much loved pair of hand warmers for DGS. He chose the two different colours of yarn . I was rewarded with big hugs and smiles. There was also a pink..... very very pink pair for DGD as well but in the enjoyment of a happy family afternoon I forgot to take a photo. AH well another day.

A little bit of crochet resulted in some triangles . My contribution to bunting being made by Kurrajong Spinners for the Muster later in the year.

Enjoy  Terry

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Pleasures

Oh so many little pleasures here. Flowers at the bottom of the garden and unexpectedly arriving at the door.

A book full promise. I have knitted socks ln the round but didn't enjoy the process. Now a new designer Alice Curtis has shared her method and patters for socks on two kneedles. I have spent the last few days reading the how too of socks on 2 needles. I have knitted a swatch on tiny sticks.
Now to try out all the new pleasure that awaits.