Sunday, August 29, 2010

Koalas And Klosjes

More adventures.

If a picture is worth a thousand words what follows is a long story without any words.

I hope you enjoy it as much as Cadel and I did.

All photos by DH.

The normal view of a koala. They live on eucalyptus leaves which have a sedative effect on them.

On to matters quilting.

Only one klosjes but I did prep some more. I am discovering that my elevated status of Queen Grama means I need to pre-cut to be able to sew during the little moments available.

This has worked with the hexagons so here's hoping.

I hope you enjoyed the story. I'm looking forward to a busy week as Grama with 2 sewing dates included. My wish for you all is have a good week and enjoy what happens


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Flowers Wattle and Wallabies

Wednesday flowers are smaller well .75 " fussy cut. I'm having fun with the size and they seem to work very well to create new patterns.
The small yellow blooms are wattle. Each bloom is about the size of a pearl headed pin. DGS picked these and brought them home form the park today.
A trip to a local native animal reserve where feeding the wallabies is a highlight.

DH or Gramap trying to encourage GS Cadel to pet the wallaby.

Cadel is getting closer but still keeping his hands to himself. The wallabies enjoy the ice cream cone more than the grain it holds.

Cadel is getting braver but this wallaby isn't letting anyone take away her treat. Can you see the joey in her pouch?

Here's a better view of a small joey. Not much fur yet. When the mother leans down to graze the baby (joey) will lean out of the pouch and graze also.
A great visit was had by all.
I hope you are all enjoying your stitching or whatever else comes your way this week. Terry

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big and Little Flowers

Three flowers this week. The grey one with the fussy cut center is part of my original garden.

Blooming nicely.The two smaller 3/4" flowers are so new seedlings.

I couldn't imagine doing anything smaller than 1" .....But these are so pretty. Maybe I'll even try some smaller ones. LOL.
Fellow gardeners enjoy your blooms and your friends wherever they are. Terry

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Great Bag

Challenges are sometimes fun and sometimes aghhhhhh!
In a former life- earlier this decade- before the house move in 2005 I was given a goodie(?) bag of stuff as part of a challenge activity.
The bag contained an eclectic assortment of fiber related stuff. For a long time I was stumped then saw these Grandmother's Fan blocks. They were foundation pieced raw edge stitched down and the curve decorated.
A great solution for lots of bits and I started on a bag. The bag resurfaced about the time of other unfinished projects in June. But No Pattern (sigh) nothing for it but to find another pattern .
The result 5 years after starting is this fun quirky bag.
Note the dragon fly made from beads and fluro green mesh.

The back of the bag ...please note the phone pocket! A detail that drew me to choose this pattern.
Everyone has to call me at least twice so I have time to hear my mobile and then locate it.
My beautiful new bag and I took the train to Sydney to lunch with DH. The phone pocket worked. I heard and managed to answer on the first try.
I love it when a plan works.
Sorry I seem to be missing in action. Being a Grama to Cadel has resulted in trading some of MY time for US time. Last week on a trip to the local park I was titled Queen of the castle (translate playing equipment) and Cadel is now my self appointed Knight! Taaa Daaa! Queen Grama
From Queen Grama to all my wonderful dear friends Please keep blogging and visiting I need the reality check. Happy Stitching Terry

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Flowers on Wednesday and the Winner is...

The Winner of my Half Blogversary give away is (drum roll).
Karen of Journey of a Quilter.
Karen started One Flower Wednesday . joining in the fun has gotten me back to working on a Hexie quilt I started ages ago. Always good to get together with friends.
Congratulations Karen and thank you for One Flower Wednesday
A warm Thank you to All my blogger friends who stopped by last week and went into the draw.
Two blue flowers this afternoon.Hope you all enjoy your gardens today.

A shopping bag as a gift for a local nursing home.

I made a thin strip and stitched it across the side seams. Tying the ends in a bow gave a bit of shape to an ordinary square bag.
Easy detail to do.

Applause Please
I finished this quilt as you go string quilt. The string quilt was started about 1 year ago. Another project finished.
I do like finishing projects.
I have a friend who believes if you finish one project you can start 2 more.

What do you think?

Enjoy your week and Happy Stitching