Friday, May 30, 2014

Spinning is


and I am enjoying the calm rythm of hands and feet working together. Memories of learning to spin are woven through the 10 years our family spent living in the country.

The smell of a fleece and the companionship of others is as strong now as my introduction to all things sheepy was in 1980.  My skills are slowly improving. The return of physical memory combined with a more technical appreciation of the process of creating yarn to knit are making me smile.


The yarn spun from the "cinnamon roll" rolags

Friday, May 16, 2014

Afternoon Tea Anyone

Lots of wooly stuff on the crafting front. I found some dyed tops called Autumn Flair. It was in my stash so I'm not sure of it's origin but the colors are a perfect match for the change of seasons.

I prepared the fiber by dividing into equal amounts of each color and rolled wool into rolags. To store the sausage shaped rolags I coiled them up.

What does this have to do with afternoon tea I hear you ask?  The dark centers of the circles with strands of grey over the golden colors reminded me of cinnamon scrolls. A childhood memory of a wonderful treat from the bakery. Sitting at the table waiting for the taste of cinnamon and frosting. YUM.
Join me .....

My plan for spinning is to divide the wool into two lots and ply the resulting singles.

Starting with the bright gold and finishing with the warm cinnamon brown each time.

I don't have a project planned but hope the yarn will result in sections of solid color and not just a mash of color. Show and Tell when done.

Weather forcast is warm and sunny. A true Indian Summer weekend with time to enjoy the wonderful warm afternoons.

Enjoy. Terry

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Slow Spinning.

Spinning wool is a rythmical slow series of steps. We don't have sheep of our own nor do we sheer the wool so my steps start with aquiring a fleece.

The fleece is easier to spin once the fibers have been processed . I'm hand combing into fluff.

My first sample was light and fluffy. Good for hats , mittens and maybe lace but I'm thinking of making a sweater. The patterns I seem to like require a firmer yarn so a second sample.

Sample  number 2 is spun from the end closest to the sheeps skin. It produced a firmer smoother yarn. Better for garments.

NOW  I'm off to find the box of knitting needles to test the new yarn.

Meanwhile the slow steps of combing the wool confinues.

What are you woring on ? I hope it makes you happy.  Terry