Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Up and Running

The newly established sewing nook has proevn successful.

The family has arrived and we are starting to get a routine going. There are still boxes. Oh and more boxes which you don't need to see. Trust me they are the last minute sort with t.p. and shoes and hangers. Why do we always have too many hangers when packing to move and not enough any other time?

I have my Featherweight set up and purring. I do not have a feline helper at present so will be content with the sound of my beauty.

The over flow on the left of the machine is a small box of 2"strips. I'm sewing three strips together as practice. Fence Rail or Nine Patch who knows?

Whatever the end result the journey is soothing.   AND  soothing is all GOOD as the holiday's  approach.

I love having my small family ; only 8 of us across three generations , around for the preperations. ..... Every Bit!!!!

Going to my nook while I can


Friday, November 21, 2014

Good to Go

The sleeping space has been rearrange in anticipation of the arrival of family.

The spare bed is moved with the trundle underneath. I was lucky to get it all moved with help from DH. The big repurosed lounge room furniture was able to stay.

Tomorrow is moving day and most of the furniture will go into storage BUT not the bed. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed and the room awaits

The sewing corner is all set up . I was able to find room for the important items and everything else is acessable . I'm a happy quilter.

The view from my sewing chair. The peace lillies are suffering from 40° heat with strong wind.

DH hand watering to keep the garden wet. Buffalo is snowed in and we'er
sweltering. Whatever the weather quilters are happy sewing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hold The Water


Relocating my sewing room caused me to measure the ground coffee straight into the cup. Strong black hold the water.

I'm shifting for a couple months while my lovely #2daughter and her guy stay with us over holiday period and into the new year.  The spare room will be thier's and the sewing room will double as spare room come extra space.

I found some strips cut from scraps 

a box of scraps and started cutting in preperation for my move


An empty box

Getting ready for relocating to a more public part of the house.  

The challenge will be keeping creativity tidy. Wish me luck!  ????

I do know the photos are the same but no one wants pics of the mess. I promise pictures after the move.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Nightmare or Delight ?

I've always saved useful scraps

And now 2 boxes of something  maybe useful for sometime

Inspired by Bonnie Hunter Leader Enders.

There is a happy caotic mess in the sewing room.  I have always made use of my scraps and explored variations on chain piecing. Recently I came across Bonnie Hunter's blog.

Her scrap saver system ( under techniques on blog).  Just the thing to wrangle this messy treasure.. while cutting 2" strips for a swap 2 1/2" squares are mounting up  as well.  Getting organised for the Grand  Illusion Mystery Quilt and summer stitching.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

American Beauty

Update on a very slow wip.

A little quilt that's been on slow simmer for long enough to be well and truly ready.

I' quilting with friends today so progress  " I hope"