Friday, April 30, 2010

Treasure in the Mountains

The gully where we walk the dog.

Only a house lot away and an accurate view of the high mountain dessert.

Yes it's snow on the mts. and snow flurries all day.

Not settling here.

Gold is the tresure in these mountains.

My treasure find is feather and fan strips.

Six strips knitted by DMom. I will put them together and post to the Hamlin Fistula Trust .
A worthy cause helping women in Addis Ababa. The wraps are given to the women when they arrive for surgery and a gift they take with them.
Katie blogged about her journey making a wrap in her November posts.

A beautiful treasure by my Mom.

Now to complete this project .
I will keep you posted.
Happy Stitching Terry

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weather Report and Childhood Stitching

Spring in the Serra Nevada Mountains.
The beautiful plum in DB's backyard.

The blue jays started moving in today.

Three days later. The white specks are snow. I took this
picture out the window at 6am by 7 the snow was melted. We had 3 days of flurries among the plum trees on the veranda out the back.
More snow forecast this week.
And they call this Spring?

The other part of this post is about memories and unexpected finds.
At quilters just before I left Australia we were using the Clover gadget for making yo-yo's.

I remembered making yo-yo's to cover pop bottle tops the summer between 5th and 6th grade.
The bottle tops were stitched together to create a trivet for my Mom.

Well here they are over 1/2 a century later.
Yes I am enjoying my creative life as much now as then


Have a great week Terry

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

It is still Saturday in Reno NV where I am and even earlier in Honolulu.

Finishing this quilted journal cover was supposed to be my Friday Night Sew In project.

The fates were having none of it.

After all I only had to sew on 2 bindings. The butterfly blocks are an old UFO and I had the rest of the journal cover completed before I departed Australia. I did the binding on one edge at 6am Saturday morning and it seemed that was all I had for FNSin.
But wait modern technology found me some time.

I finished binding the top edge while having a SKYPE chat with DH in OZ. He doesn't like the video (neither does the computer) so as he was having Sunday morning coffee and I was having Saturday afternoon tea. We chatted about mundane matters and viola!!

A completed journal cover and a finished UFO
I am so happy to have a posting for FNSin.

Hope you all had fun Terry

Saturday Klosjes

At last a photo of my klosjes
10 in all
The top 4 are the ones I stitched while over the Pacific at night.
The remaining 6 are this weeks effort. The 3rd klosjes from the left in the second row might need to be turned. What do you think?Totally unexpected find in a box.
Perfect for my spools .
See they fit perfectlA long week of sorting boxex and drawers . Visiting all of you has been an enjoyable
Thank you all so very much for being out there in blogland.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sewing Kits

My Sewing Kit

More later.....My Father's Navel Sewing Kit

Phil Clark was a member of the U.S. Navy during W.W.II and the Korean Conflict.

My father taught me to sew, read a pattern and drive a sewing machine. He was an engineer by training who viewed sewing as a logical extension. Blue prints and machines.

The sewing kit he had with him aboard the USS Toucan during the Korean War.

It is modern plastic the buttons are of navy uniform color and the needles in the lid are still threaded.

A comforting find at this time.

Back to my sewing kit which I made a few years ago but haven't used a lot. I saw the blue print in a magazine and made it as a showcase for my grandmother's buttons.

All the small pockets seemed just right for the tools I would need on the plane and while waiting.The pincushion in the center has been very useful while stitching 2" klosjes.

These are my traveling scissors I purchased at the N.S.W. Quilt show last year not taken yet.

The whole kit when folded up is the size of my hand.

Thank you for allowing me to share mine and my father's tools of the trade with you.

Thanks for visiting Terry

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unexpected Quilt Exhibition

Happy Saturday
to All the Spool Quilters

This is a post from Reno and I as yet can not post pictures so you will all have to trust me when I tell you I made 4 spools on my trans pacific flight. No quilting since arrival 2 days ago.

The Reno Art Museum is in the last 2 days of an exhibition of Quilts of Gee's Bend. I managed 45 minutes to do a reasonable walk through. It is a utility quilt tradition that has survived and at times thrived since the Civil War.

I attempted to add a photo from the
net but my skills are not up to it. So if you want photos google gees bend quilt photos Lots of sights and interesting quilt history.

I am trying to find a pre-paid Internet USB when I'm successful I will post photos.

Happy Crafting Terry

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Featherweight Challange and Fabric Therapy

My update on the Featherweight challenge. I am really pleased with the result so far.
The quilt is all scraps almost too small to use but look at the great result.Many thanks to Ria and Natima.Although this quilt has almost doubled in size I want to add some more blocks.
Adding more blocks will have to wait a while. First because I have used all my too small scraps Yahoo. The second reason is an unexpected trip to Reno to see my Mom.
No sewing machine.
I have decided on a small project while I'm away.
A charm pack to make spools . I figure they are portable and don't require quite as much light as needle turn applique. Also piecing doesn't need to be snipped while stitching. Airlines still don't let us stitchers carry a complete set of tools.
We definitely live in interesting times.
It has been a very long time since I have lived in the snow. I will post photos of the Sierra Mts in late winter. Burr


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rabbit Hopping By

Snippets of felting wool yardage and recycled garments have appeared in a couple of posts.
I have begun experimenting with wool applique on crazy quilt background.I am really enjoying the freedom of this more Primitive style. My first image.
Happy Easter Everyone