Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yo Yo's

A grand daughter sleep over provided time to pass on another stitching skill.
Yo Yo's are always a cool thing to stitch. Tidy little circles of color BUT what to do with them when your finished?

Accesorise your favorite teddy.

I think Miss Teddy is ready for a twirl on stage.

Lots more clever ways with this traditional block over at my friend Rachael's blog http://bluemountaindaisy.blogspot.com.au/ Check it out.

Currently grey and cartoons are on for morning entertainment. The GC's start 2nd term at school tomorrow and we return to normal. Whatever that is?

Have a good week and I hope you all get some you time.  Terry

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lots of Pinning

Trip Around the World blocks require a lot of pinning. I had sitting around time this week while DH had Arthroscopy.  All good and TA DA!!

   6 more blocks     the photo was taken late this afternoon and the yellows are really dominate. 

note to self  take lots of pictures when laying out this quilt.

A quiet weekend ahead.  Enjoy what ever you do  Terry 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Best Day Ever

Presented by The Hawkesbury Show

" and it finished with Fairy Floss"  my 7 yr old GS summed up the day.

Grey rainy autumn Saturday. Might even sew a bit  Hope you have sun shine  Terry

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Perfect Find

A wonderful set of blocks found their way to me

just the thing for an Aussie Hero's quilt.

being an aviation themed fabric I used a variation of the Twister block  page 59 of  Victoria's book
15 Minutes of Play

alternate layout
still thinking ......now I have a destination for this quilt and need to add something Australian in theme.

I started this because the blocks arrived but now they will be a quilt that will do what all quilts do GIVE COMFORT.

and moving along

a pile of someone elese's scraps to sort included

4 ready made spiderweb blocks  I cornered them with a a pale print that reads as white

because 3 of the blocks were blue and only one pink square I used them as light and dark blocks.
turning them on point helps.  blogger gave me black setting squares but I'm going for something less dramatic.

Happy Weekend   Terry

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tools of the Trade

I ordered a new template following the 15min workshop.

I confess this is the first template I've ever used.  I started quilting in the pre-historic days before rotary cutters and templates were cut from cereal boxes .  After watching how quickly and accurately blocks could be cut I figured I better learn a new trick.

 design board from class with oversize tumbler blocks. Another new idea  change the size of traditional blocks GO BIG!!

rotating cutting mat is my new best friend.

DH and I also had a great night out on Tuesday at the Sydney Eentertainment Center. Paul Simon was amazing!  4 encores.

Have a good Friday   Terry