Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kool Kritter

Koala's can go too.....

Yup koalas are just as Australian as kangaroos and the beach

here's the others a couple laundry bags with BMX riders and the one on left is just a bit girlie so one for the gals.

These 4 laundry bags were posted yesterday. I also got the quilt backed and pinned. Yeah!!  If you can't find me I'm in the ditch stitching. I want the quilt done this week if possible so nothing too complicated just a traditional bit of comfort for someone far from home.

Going to spend the morning with Jan-Maree Ball helping to get 12 AHQ quilts ready for long arm quilters. Just a happy accident that i live close enough to help out so a bit of early morning (read rush hour) driving in my day.

You all have a good one  Terry

Friday, October 26, 2012

Feels Like Christmas

Why you ask ?  I've been busy sewing  for Aussie Hero Quilts. The laundry bags have been packed along with other goodies and posted.

As a migrant making presents for family at home (well I thought of it as home then) I started early. Parcles had to be posted by mid September to make it in time for Christmas. Working on the laundry bags, finding extras to  fill the boxes,writing out customs declarations and then tripping off to the Post Office all seemed so familar and made me feel happy.  The best part .... if the parcel is under 2kg it's free.
 All the hustle and bustle reminded me of Christmas long ago you know the feeling of giving a handmade gift. As quilters we've all use our talent for others all the time.

The laundry bags are posted.  I sure hope Santa knows where to go.

I've also been playing

The start

Auditioning possibilities

More triangles flipped turned and tumbled and I have a top ready to quilt and send .  Closing post for Deployed Service Personal is Dec 7th so stitch in the ditch and maybe a simple meander in the yellow strips or maybe not.

All this is from the stash and I have really enjoyed making it knowing how much the laundry bags and quilts mean to all the guys and gals who won't be home for Christmas.

If you would like to contribute there are lots of ways. Even just some blocks for block of the month. Check it out the button is on my side bar.

A quiet weekend with birthday celebrations for DD#2 on Sunday. Enjoy yours whatever you do.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Seasonal Colour

Orange was associated with Autumn while I was growing up. New England has wonderful foliage in fall.

It's Spring here in Australia and orange is the colour in my life right now

The first rose to bloom in the new house.

The view from my favorite chair. The roses are from DH just because and the tall pointy hat is very sheik to be worn all the time he told me .

Sunset over the fence looking at the Blue Mountains.

I love the variety of just one colour. Is there an orange quilt in my future? Inspiration comes  from the most unexpected sources.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I'm not talking about the ones under my eyes.
I've been in stitching assembly line mode.

First Magic Pillow Cases for the GC

Laundry Bags for Aussie Heroes

I learned lots form these two projects. Lots of on line tutorials for the magic pillow cases I learned construction tricks form these. The laundry bags had me using machine stitches I'd never used triple stitch for seams and satin stitch for the labels.

If you'd like to help out with the Aussie Hero Quilts and laundry bags see  them in my blog list.
Warm here in Sydney watered the lawn tonight. summer has arrived.

Experiment with something new you never know where it will take you.  Terry

Friday, October 12, 2012

Garmet Assembly

I have decided that I much prefer making quilts. I agreed to make my GD a skirt. She chose the fabric on line which was easier than getting together for shopping. The lime green Dr. Seuss fabric arrived and said GD and I went shopping for a pattern. Did she choose an easy one ? Nah!! but I remember making box pleated uniforms for her mother and aunt so not such a big deal. Right? 

Pause for Photo

 The Lorax skirt is completed and posted Yippee!! It went together fine in the end I think it was just me being out of the mind set for making clothes. 

Remember the shorts they also seemed to take forever.  But all is done and I'm letting the postman deliver the skirt. Awen is looking forward to it arriving and was happy that she got to do all the straight seams on the LIME GREEN part of the skirt. The beginning of o stitcher?

No washing today Yahoo I made a small amount of progress on the laundry bags yesterday. To the left 4 laundry bags cut out ready for assembly line stitching. Top right the scraps from the labels.

A BATCH of labels.

 My first experiment with wonky blocks

so i played around with the blocks just for the fun of it. I might make some more just to experiment with something new. But these are for labels. Right ? no straying!!

Happy Weekend ours is forecast to be wet and wild.  Terry

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily Washing Report

Arrived home at dinner time and snuck in a load which was mostly calico 200cm L x 300cm W. I'm sure it was for curtain lining but found it in dressmaking at a lower price.

Currently on rinse cycle (I can hear it)

Two pieces of fabric destined for laundry bags. I know the blue octopus is in your face but if your an Aussie lad /lass they are part of  your summers.

 Also shopped the trunk. See the light blue fabric on top left pile. It's a light weight denim and I can get two laundry bags from what's there. I'll need to make some big strong colored labels. Did I hear someone use that word !! all for a good cause.

Winter quilt. The Courthouse Steps quilt is my only QAYG I've kept. It is backed with flannel and hands nearly to the floor.

Time to start thinking about Christmas presents I started cutting out a magic pillow case yesterday. Good thing summer T.V. is boring and the days longer.

Off to hang up the wash and iron that enormous piece of calico.  Terry

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday is Laundry BAG day

Laundry  well it's Monday and I had a post all planned out in my head  As You Do  THEN I came across this site.


Please take a minute to visit and if you or a couple of you have time

MAKE A LAUNDRY BAG   It's Christmas soon and what could be nicer than a gift from HOME when your in Afghanistan in freezing temperatures serving your country as an Aussie Hero.

I couldn't get photos to load DAH!! too slow (my brain)   But please go and check out what you can do to help.

O.K. so I hear you asking why a laundry? I had the same question until I read why. All the soldiers gear goes in the laundry bag and everything YEAH bag and all goes into the washing machine and then the drier. WAIT FOR IT there's more ****** it gets lost. Pprobably because all issued laundry bags are white navy or green.

I'm going to quilting tonight and I'm at least going to cut out a LAUNDRY BAG  or two .

I'll update when I return home after 9pm.

 edit didn't find any suitable fabric in the donation cupboards. I'll try a couple other sources and visit the shops tomorrow.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finishing and Giving

Binding at the ready

It took a total of 90 minutes to complete binding this quilt by machine. It's destined for a nursing home and industrial washing. Needs to be sturdy.

The strips of made fabric at the sides of the blue trees was an early trial at made fabric. Full story here

On Tuesday a group of us delivered a dozen quilts to an Aged Care facility. The residents and a few family that were there thanked us with lots of smiles.

Fredia and I collaborated on this quilt and we handed it to a family member for her loved one. Sometimes it's nice to know where your work goes. I don't participate in Community Quilts for acknowledgement but to use my skills for caring.

Still stitching scraps together in lights don't know where it's going yet.  Do you always have a plan when you start a quilt?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday is washing day

a week ago today was a perfect spring drying day

a quilt from 2 decades ago.

This bargello is 1 decade (or so ) old. strips of 2"squares were traded among a group of Monday Quilters.

The trundle bed is made up and the room awaits. As does Grama and Grampa.

A day with the locals

breakfast ?

stand still so I can use my i-pad camera.

some of the locals are not exotic

had to have a photo with the locals even if all they do is sleep

secrets were shared

Three days of visiting included a trip to the drive-in Yes there is still one left. The guys built a wood model truck while the girls drove the sewing machine. We made 2 color jelly (jello) , read stories and laughed lots.
A great spring break was had by all and now the countdown to the end of the school year and Christmas begin.

The calender is filling up fast with concerts ,parties and Oh I need to think about presents.

A time for secret sewing?

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the change of season whichever hemisphere your in.  Terry