Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stitching and Swans

Trying something new and having it work is so exhilarating !!

Twin needle stitching is great. I am working on my second quilt for Windsor Community Quilts. It was started by someone else and the center is a feature fabric 60cm x 50cm which needed to be quilted with something other than my standard BIG stippling. I saw a piece quilted using a twin needle and gave it a try. Eureka!! watching

observed on the journey

to and from quilting.

Enjoy your stitching Terry

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mouse Making and Quilt Finishing

The Friday up date it's been a good week!!!All the blocks from Hawksbury Hands Quilters are now a whole quilt destined for Emerald next week.
I love the fact I have finally worked out how and where to photograph a quilt. Now I need to work on when the light is best.

The back not quite checkerboard. Ugh!! best laid plans of mice and men.

G.S.'s mouse complete with jet packs and G.D.'s mouse in luscious raspberry.
We spent Saturday playing with soap and wool.
Here are the results.

Nice felted dredlocks too.
The pictures tell it all.
I had a good week hope all of you did too. Enjoy the weekend Terry

Friday, March 18, 2011

More Stitching =Less Blogging

Hello All I know it's been a while but...The butterfly quilt is pinned and waits machine quilting.
Blocks for a QAYG quilt for Emerald. All stitched by my quilt group. The backs are equal numbers of light and dark so I will get a checkerboard . Sashing and binding ready to go.
4 of 9 blocks prepared for the 18th C Folk Art Quilt.
This version is by Karen Cunningham

The beginning of 16 American Beauty blocks (see my profile). I managed to squeeze these in while D.H. was fishing.
That's the stitching up date. The weekend includes an overnight visit from Grand Children. Pancakes for Sunday breakfast and whatever else happens.
Have a Goodweekend and enjoy some stitching if you can Terry

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Civil War Quilt blocks 6&7

I have spent an enjoyable afternoon with Rebecka. We completed block 6 & 7 of the Civil War Quilt.
The last time I mentioned using a Singer Featherweight for this project she didn't have a name. As I've worked with the FW there is the aroma from the wooden case. It reminds me of being taught to sew by my father. He liked the name Rebecka but could not abide the nick name Becky. So I was named Therese but my lovely machine is Rebecka . Richmond
Log Cabin

I remember log cabins from my childhood. Also building them from Lincoln Logs. Now where do you suppose the popular toy got it's name?

Large stippleing and binding complete this quilt for Windsor Community Quilters. A nice bit of comfort for a local nursing home.
I have also spent some time with the butterflies and made several blank labels. I MUST label quilts this year. As I do so I will post a bit about each one. A good way to show older work.

A trip to the Blue Mts and a visit with Kaite. Lots of Show & Tell. Have a good week dear Friends