Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's black and white and .......

and colored all over? My new messing about  (read playing)
Made fabric from scraps is used as yardage to create zingy blocks. I know I'm in love with the process and the end result is graphically very strong.
Pinwheel is a very dense placement of color 
Square within a Star is a more open block alternating the strong color with the background. 
Courthouse Steps is a very solid architectural image.

I'm sure there is a quit happening. I have always been more interested in the process and the incidental results.

Check out 15 minutes play on my side bar. It's is made to order.

Have a lot of fun whatever your up to Happy Day  Terry

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No More Butterflies

The butterflies are now at home with DGD. That is the butterfly fabric which I purchased 5 years ago is now a quilt. Awen as 3 year old was enamoured with butterflies. I as the smitten Grama was taken captive by my GD and her fascination.

The Rabble of Butterflies will reside on a top bunk. I made it longer to tuck into the bottom. My toes (on stool) are level with the steps to upstairs. Yes we have a small living room.

I quilted it with a large all over stipple. Made possible by the purchase of a new quilting table. Don't know how I managed without it.

Awen was delighted to sleep under her new quilt for the first time at Grama's . Lots of time was spent looking for fabrics from projects she recognised. Memories

Have a good week Dear Friends and enjoy the smiles around you.  Terry

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Parcel in the Post

A wonderful surprise arrived while I was at quilting yesterday. DH brought it in and set it just inside the door so I was sure to see it straight away. A large envelope from Rachel at Blue Mountain  Daisy
Rachel had mentioned she had something on her design wall while we were showing off our crazy jackets at the Quilt Show.
I am transported to my first year of university
Rachel used the Beetles fabric as a backing for a quilt she made for her DBF. At the Springwood Quilt Show it was the beetles backing on display that I delighted in.

Rachel has become a blog friend who's blog is joyous and an inspiration. Thank you Rachel for my own Beetles Quilt with the lovely quote  "All you need is Love" quilted right into the quilt.

 Stop over and visit Rachel at Blue Mountain Daisy. Say Hi from me.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tis the Season

Ti's the Season....  of cold and snuffles and very little sewing.
Instead  some photos from tropical Vanuatu
Refreshing cascade flowing from the center of the island.
    The Queen banyan tree. 1000 years old.
Standing inside the Queen Banyan.

i'm hoping all the symptoms of winter are soon gone and life returns to normal. Until then .....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Delightful Tropics

Thank you too much. sounds like thank you tomas in Bislama
The colors of the tropics used for traditional dresses mother hubbards

 Brand new hand crank sewing machine. Look closely at the name (singere). I saw these in several shops in Port Vila.
 Great colors and traditional prints in the markets.

Food leaves for cooking in and serving on gorgeous flowers for the eye.
All waiting on the docks to go out to an island resort. We had a relaxing break and enjoyed the people of Vanuatu

Made fabric for the month of June. 15 Minutes Play is challenging me. Ever expanding horizons. These pieces of made fabric equal about a meter of fabric all laid out. Time to use some of this fabric in a quilt block or two.

Enjoy your weekend . Terry