Friday, September 24, 2010

Messing About or That's Not My Vest

That's not my vest
It is too small

It used to be my vest a couple decades ago. I spun the wool and knitted the vest when U shaped necklines were popular.

The yarn is a plied 2 strands of
hand spun. One a fine black merino and the other a first cross grey over dyed with green.

The vest appeared a week ago Sunday during a clean out of the shed. Amazing what you find!

Close inspection reveals ribbing, seed stitch, basket stitch and garter stitch.

Now this is IMPORTANT stuff . Don't forget it. O.K.?That's NOT my vest.

Where's MY vest???

It's been to the washing machine on hot . I decided that I wasn't going to unpick it for the yarn or it would have already happened so..... Into the machine for felting.
It sure did felt . i.e. shrink in all directions.
The side seam is now 9" instead of 15 "
The patterns I worked so diligently to knit are unrecognisable (mushed together) .

Well what did I expect ? That's what happens when you wash wool at 90 deg. c. for 1/12hrs.
But Wait
That's not my vest!
My vest is green tweed not a pinkie brown.

Since I was felting I threw in the red wool skirt from the op shop.
The little dolls jumper shows the original tweed.

Underneath is the FELTED skirt and a sample of the original color.
At least the over dyed red is reasonably even.

My thoughts on what to do next include more messing about to make a bag.

I'll keep you posted on the search for My Vest.

I have had a good week letting technology alter my hand work. So.K. I went to the park.

Hope you all have a good weekend and enjoy the unexpected.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle twinkle my little stars are a the stitching I've managed in the past couple weeks.
Wednesday this week was a trip to see dinosaur bones. I did manage to cover enough diamonds during the train trip for 2 stars in between questions and oh Grama look.
Happy to have done some stitching also known in our house as threading Don't ask my ? Took me awhile to work it out LOL.
As promised a few shots of the groups quilts for CWA Awareness Day

This is the day before the open house. The group of stitchers are Community Quilts.
The hanging was being done around us.

A small sample of the quilts on display and a small sample of the groups' work.
As always the quilts are intended to catch peoples interest.
I made it only for a flying visit the next day so was glad I'd taken the photos a day early.
Hope you enjoyed seeing other peoples quilts. I always do.
I enjoy keeping in touch so hello to all and happy stitching.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Finish

My finish for the week drum roll No not the quilt. The hanging sleeve LOL. Gotchya
The quilt was completed about 5 years ago. It is the second hexagon quilt I started and the first one completed. The first one started is growing for One Flower Wednesday.Wednesday the 8Th of Sept is information day for CWA (Country Women's Association)
My quilting group are all members and have use of wonderful facilities.
We are having an open morning with a display of the things we do.
I'm hanging this quilt and one I made for 25Th Wedding Anniversary.
Two small hand felted bags I made a few years ago. Sometimes I do other things and these will also be on display.

Yes I plan on taking photos. DGS will be good for a short time and a cookie. Also the promise of checking out the BIG planes at the air force base should help improve the excursion from his view point.

Have a Great Father's Day to all who are celebrating Today !!
Dear Friends a good weekend to all. Terry

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vale Coon

My quilting companion of 20 years.
August 31,2010
I do not have the words to pay tribute to my friend.
Those of you who have quilting kitty,s will understand.