Friday, April 29, 2016

Necessary Shopping

The building of a stash is serious business.  I have been working on mine since the late 60's. The leftovers from dressmaking were saved for a quilt some day.

The large floral and the solid watermelon in the 4 patch were skirt and shirt offcuts.

The stash has grown the making of quilts from purpose bought fabrics, offcuts from 2 daughters' homemade clothing and fabric I just couldn't live without.

A quick snap of the sewing room this morning.  I have been using scraps and gifted bits and bobs for both these projects. Fun to remember where they came from .

Then there is the shopping

10 fat quarters for $10.00. Could you resist? Yes I really truly needed more neutrals. The string blocks are fun and soothing to work on.

The tumbler quilts layout is a more controlled lay out. It is a baby quilt in progress.

Weekend forcast is rain . Good sewing weather.
Enjoy your weekend

Sunday, April 17, 2016

More Memories

The stories quilts tell are often obscure.   The small string block includes directions for a pre-printed panel.  It was supposed to be a pillow but by the time I got the scraps came to me no one was going to make a pillow with the bits.

I used the text as a neutral and as I stitched I saw the word pheasant. Happy memories of autumn and the flurry surrounding the 2 weeks of pheasant hunting season.
My Dad enjoying the company of friends . The dogs anxious to be out and running.
Sometimes the hunting was successful and pheasant was Sunday lunch treat.

There is also unexpected humor.

Grabbedd a green hexie at random to work on during a 40 minute train trip to town.
A pair of legs and I was on my way to have my legs measured for compression stockings.
I don't know where the scrap came from but it made me smile all day.

Gotta love what we do.

Have a great week.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Blanket Stitch

One simple embroidery stitch triggers so many memories. I've said before that my Father taught me to sew. He was an engineer who interpreted the blue prints/patterns which he used the with a small fly wheel (sewing machine) to assemble clothes for my Mother and I.

My Mother taught me the intricacies of using stranded cotton and various stitches to decorate pillow cases and dresser scarfs. We would sit after dinner and stitch. Her stitches were so consistent and I remember her often doing close button hole stitches as a fill in on leaves.

Working on these individual pieces is a gift from them both.

The growing number of blocks reminds me of Dad teaching me to lace leather coin purses.
Another time an image of him sitting at the kichen table making mocossins for his first granddaughter. My daughter Heather.
My Mom changing the bed linen and smoothing out a pillow case she had stitched with love. The setting of the dinner table at Thanksgiving always started with spreading out her hand embroidered table cloth.

Parents who took the time to teach and share their skills. They have enriched my life beyond expectation.

" To the Moon and Back"

EnjoY your weekend  . Terry