Thursday, January 30, 2014

Colour Changes

I have plyed two skiens of the outrageous mish mash with the more sedate colour I dyed.

The result is a more cohesive yarn. The colours retain their vibrancy but have a softened hue which I am enjoying.

Off to play with new found friends at spinning today. Nice to have company to laugh and share with.

Enjoy the day.  Terry

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Now there are two spools full of colourful wool spun into a single thread

The next step in the process is to ply the bright colors with the fine dyed wool.  Plying will produce a tweed yarn.

Australia Day Weekend here. The weather is grey with heavy mist. The GC's are coming for the last sleep over of summer. School starts on Wednesday.

Enjoy the weekend whatever the weather. Terry


Friday, January 17, 2014

A Piece of String

How long is a piece of string?  If you quilt or knit or crochet or indulge your passion for  any other fibre pursuit you will have had to play with numbers. Yes the length of thread, fabric or yarn is always a consideration. Do I have enough of this or that?

A bobbin of  scrumptious odds and sods. I love how all the colours are playing together as I tease out a few fibres while treadling    right foot...left foot .... right foot ......  over and over the rhythm is soothing as I watch the colours of the wool play.

I begin to think even if this is just for the exercise maybe I can knit something, something easy would let the wool do the work. I hop over to Ravelry   and browse the vest/wrap patterns.  YES

I do not have enough
bits of dyed wool or enough time to spin double the length of yarn needed to make a plyed yarn.
How long is the piece of string I need?
1 kilometre is the best answer I was able to find after careful research/ guess. I skeined  off 1km. of fine weaving wool.  My choice is a soft warm brown colour with a hint of rose to ply with my eye popping spinning. It has been some lengthhhh...... of time since any dying was done but it seems to be a bit like ridding a bicycle. You don't forget.
Big weekend coming up Grand daughter's 11 Birthday weekend and Grandson is doing Karate Grading for his orange belt. We'll be there for all the celebrating. Where else would I want to be?
Hope you all have a happy weekend.  Terry 


Friday, January 10, 2014

Long and short

The holiday season has been short on crafting but looooong on planning. Sometimes I just need to step back and find a quiet space to move forward.

While stepping back gentle crochet  soothed the need to make.

Focusing on a completely new style of instructions was challenging and fulfilled the need to make something.  The embellished stars and little lacy ones are small enough provide quick results. Tutorial at attic 24

The thinking time has enabled me to find a mind set for the up coming months. 6  weeks of hydro therapy exercise in preparation for knee replacement. Following the surgery there will be lots more physio. I know there will be limitations on my machine stitching so part of the plan is to focus on the applique and hexagons already started.

The spinning wheel has returned to the lists of active fibre pursuits. GD the talented  took a single lesson to spin a thread. No mean feat!! I'm a happy Grama to have a friend to share my crafty skills with. LOVE.....

Mapping out some personal goals has done wonders for my mojo. I'll let you know where the mojo and the muse take me.

Enjoy your weekend.  Terry

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Night at the Opera


My dear daughter and son-in law gave us tickets to The Beetles Back to Back concert at the iconic Sydney Opera House. Our journey started and ended with a train trip to town which brought us to Circular Quay.

Sydney is a panoramic city set on a wonderful harbour. The buildings behind the ferry are on the site of the original settlement of Australia in 1788. The city has undergone change but remains a place enjoy and spend time with the family.

Another icon in the background as the family finishes ice creams and wanders along the harbour to the Opera House.

Seated and waiting for the concert to start. Everyone from the 7yr old to the 60+'s enjoyed the music.
The first half of the show was Sgt Peppers' and Abbey Road completed the programme.

An amazing evening of memories and family.

2014  is already has some events and challenges pencilled in and this was a special opening to the year.

Hope you are all well happy and looking forward to 2014.