Friday, August 26, 2011

Me and Jenny Kee

Blame it on the fabric.
Cause that's where it started
When Jenny Kee designed this for Sheraton in 1987. Mine is off cuts I think from Wrangratta Mills.  We were living in south west Riverina. Dry wheat sheep country in the small town of Deniliquin. Maybe the big smoke if you lived further west.

Iconic Jenny Kee in the days of  all things Australiana. enlarge for a closer look.

3 1/2 inch square selected for Basics Block.

Square within a Star block

See Saw for the quilt drive at Basics initiated by Bumble Beans Inc.

Some great incentives for joining in and helping out.

I made one for me while I was at it. It is almost a two for one sort of stitching.

Enjoy the up coming weekend it looks like Spring might be arriving.   Terry

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Answer to THE Question

When did you start quilting?

I started quilting in my late teens. I'm not sure exactly when but I do remember looking at a vintage quilting book with templates for a Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

I drew up a square, divided it into shapes and made templates out of cereal boxes.  Ah little did I know there was more to patchwork than just sewing bits together

I stitched blocks alternated with white squares and stitched it all together. I know I stitched the pieced squares by hand but don't remember if the white squares where by hand or machine. It was stitched to a back (bagged) turned right side out and tied with crochet cotton.

This is the only picture of the QUILT that traveled to Australia. Well it was the only quilt I'd made.  .

The beautiful baby is my first born Heather. She is under a year old so that dates the quilt's completion before 1973.

Does any one else have a story or know what happened to their first bit of Patchwork?

I'm stitching small pressies to take away so no show and tell.

Have a good weekend my friends and treat yourself in some way   Terry

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Farmhouse in France

Two spring flowers  a cactus and a rose

A tantalising apple crumble  (a  G F  success) on the country kitchen table.


A unique red speckled candle stick

The candle stick is a gift from DH who discovered e-bay shopping.
I collect enamel candle sticks and this one arrived from A Farmhouse in France.

How timely as I prepare for my trip to the European Patchwork Meeting.  My dearest suggested the trip early in the year. I am actually going. 

Visiting new blogger friends, strolling around Paris and Amsterdam  AND a Quilt Show that encompasses the best of Europe held in 3 French Villages.

Oh I need to pinch myself to make sure it's real. Enjoy the weekend whatever you do.  Terry 

Saturday, August 6, 2011


is defined as ceremonial gift giving practiced by the Native Peoples of North America.
I remember making small tokens of friendship as a Girl Scout to take to Jamborees

These small 3" sq tags are just that
token gifts POTLATCH for the Country Women's Association NWS State Conference.

1000 needed
Yikes  that's a lot 
my total is 60 so far and climbing.

No I am not making ALL 1000
Just a few and it did remind me of pleasant childhood times.
Stitching has a way of doing that.

It's just gone 7 am Saturday here in Sydney. Wherever you are enjoy the weekend, family, friends and GO the Wallabies!!!!!!