Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trains Hexagons and One Flower Wednesday

A foggy cold morning waiting for the train to Sydney today.

Traveling by train to the city has been my time for hexagon stitching this week.
I did the boring part of this little beauty today.

The reason for today's trip was to see the Sydney Quilt Show.

More in a minute.......A tasty assortment of scrap hexies from Sunday's trip to the city.

DH and I went the Mitchell Library Centenary exhibition

One Hundred My first visit to the Mitchell was on the Saturday afternoon of our first day in Australia as migrants. No one told us everything would close at 12noon. The library was open, warm and had toasted cheese sandwiches. All welcoming to us 39 years ago.

The 2010 Quilt Show

A huge range of quilts. Styles ..Size..Techniques

I was captured by the scale of the Baltimore Style applique in this quilt from the featured Quilter Gai Haines .
The quilt was done in a class with Kim McLean.


I'm heading off to Quilt Camp at Ferndale early Friday morning for 3 days of stitching and the usual comraderie. No mobile phones No internet Just good friends , good food and I hope lots of stitching.

Full report early next week.

I wish for you all some time for stitching in the next few days. Terry

Here is another version of the quilt I'm smitten with. Different colors and style. Something to think about.


Notjustnat said...

Hey Terry, a lot's happening your way too. Quilt show, quilt camp and many train rides. Have a great time at Ferndale. Looking forward to see and hear all about it when you get back.

ria vogelzang said...

Thatapplique-quilt looks absolutely gorgeous!!
You have been quite busy......!Now quilt-camp is coming up; whishing you lots of fun and pleasure!!
Love to hear all about your adventures.....! :))
Love, Ria.

Spinning Out of Control said...

That Baltimore style quilt is just gorgeous!

Sue-Anne said...

My friend fell in love with that Kim McLean quilt too and desperately wants to make it. Have a great weekend sewing with your friends!

Kaite said...

i tried to get to the quilt show but had an unexpected appt with the heart spec for Mum yesterday. maybe another time, or next year. enjoy a weekend away, kaite

Karen said...

Love your plate of hexies and your flower is beautiful. Enjoy Quilt Camp!

Sheila said...

Your flower is very pretty and the quilts from the show were beautiful , I liked the lighter colorway the best although both are lovely . Have fun at camp , I would love to be there .

Siobhan said...

Nice hexies and flower! Wow, that quilt is gorgeous! Enjoy camp.

Theresa said...

Kim McLean's quilts are fabulous aren't they - I keep admiring from afar and thinking maybe someday I'll make one :) Lovely hexie you made and I like the outside fabric you're using.