Friday, September 24, 2010

Messing About or That's Not My Vest

That's not my vest
It is too small

It used to be my vest a couple decades ago. I spun the wool and knitted the vest when U shaped necklines were popular.

The yarn is a plied 2 strands of
hand spun. One a fine black merino and the other a first cross grey over dyed with green.

The vest appeared a week ago Sunday during a clean out of the shed. Amazing what you find!

Close inspection reveals ribbing, seed stitch, basket stitch and garter stitch.

Now this is IMPORTANT stuff . Don't forget it. O.K.?That's NOT my vest.

Where's MY vest???

It's been to the washing machine on hot . I decided that I wasn't going to unpick it for the yarn or it would have already happened so..... Into the machine for felting.
It sure did felt . i.e. shrink in all directions.
The side seam is now 9" instead of 15 "
The patterns I worked so diligently to knit are unrecognisable (mushed together) .

Well what did I expect ? That's what happens when you wash wool at 90 deg. c. for 1/12hrs.
But Wait
That's not my vest!
My vest is green tweed not a pinkie brown.

Since I was felting I threw in the red wool skirt from the op shop.
The little dolls jumper shows the original tweed.

Underneath is the FELTED skirt and a sample of the original color.
At least the over dyed red is reasonably even.

My thoughts on what to do next include more messing about to make a bag.

I'll keep you posted on the search for My Vest.

I have had a good week letting technology alter my hand work. So.K. I went to the park.

Hope you all have a good weekend and enjoy the unexpected.



Notjustnat said...

Hey Terry, that sounds like a fun thing to do felting! A bag from it would be just what you need - Hugs Nat

kaite said...

are you having fun or what? i read it all carefully then went back to check on the pattern of the original My Vest, and i think that it is My Vest. ..k.

Joan said...

Enjoyed your article very brought back some memories of sping, knitting and weaviong - of which I do very little now :)

Joan said...

Silly me didnt check the spelling...spinning and weaving is what I meant :(