Monday, February 14, 2011

North Star

I'm still behind on the Civil War Quilt project.
I don't care I'm loving it. My second block is North Star.
Barbra Brackman is sharing her knowledge of fabrics from the era. I did not know big as well as little stripes were popular. The use of a large strip makes this block appear more complex.
This is week 7 and the block is a Log Cabin for Abe Lincoln's Birthday on February 12. We always cut out paper silhouettes of him with beard and top hat at school. I remember this because my B'day was after Abe's and before Valentines Day. Lots happening which made it festive.
Off to quilting group. Enjoy your stitching Terry


Suedio said...

Terry, what a fabulous fabric for the centre of your star! Very nice indeed.

Regards, Sue

Ulla said...

Very nice star block. Belated congratulations for your birthday!

Valentina said...

OOOOOH Happy Birthday!!!! in our family we passed a by-law making birthdays 3 days events: so I am not belated at all! :)
I am so inspired by this star: I love the centre stripe you chose! Well, done, and as long as you enjoy the process, who cares, right?
Sending you a huge birthday hug, a Valentine's kiss and a cuddle just because!

Notjustnat said...

Hey, welcome to CWQ block of the week. I love this block and your fabric go gtreat together - Happy Birthday Terry.

kaite said...

Looks lovely Ter, and there's no such thing as time anymore so as long as you are enjoying it that's all that matters.
btw, Margaret who we spoke of earlier was a teacher. remember now?