Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stitching and Swans

Trying something new and having it work is so exhilarating !!

Twin needle stitching is great. I am working on my second quilt for Windsor Community Quilts. It was started by someone else and the center is a feature fabric 60cm x 50cm which needed to be quilted with something other than my standard BIG stippling. I saw a piece quilted using a twin needle and gave it a try. Eureka!! watching

observed on the journey

to and from quilting.

Enjoy your stitching Terry


Miss 376 said...

Isn't it a lovely feeling when it works out as it should.

kaite said...

did you know that swans pair for life and mourn very badly when one dies or is killed. makes them kind of even more special doesn't it.
great going with the twin needling.

i drove past your old house today, twice, still looks the same.

Notjustnat said...

Must be a nice drive. I wondered if you can stippling with twin needle? Good job - Hugs Nat

Spinning Out of Control said...

Love the swans. The fluffy baby is so cute :)