Sunday, April 24, 2011

Little Stitching Lots of Love

Time for the Grandchildren.

The visit is over and here are some memories.EARLY!!! Morning learning to knit

Well? what are Grama's for?
Children's authors have a lot to answer for.

The yo-yo cupcake pin cushion was stitched by 8yr old Awen after spying some fabric that was the same as Lola's dress. She loved the fact that it was a bit of sculpture. Oh and that she could now make yo-yo's.

Cut and pasting of the newest primary age heroine.

There is lots of reading and game playing on the net for this one.

Grandson is into Leggo and going "places I've never been before"

Walking down the wharf at the Sydney Fish Markets.

This trip involved return trip on normal train and light rail. Great adventure and nice fish for lunch.

The stay has concluded for now. We had a lovely time with Awen and Cadel. They are growing up so fast.

Have a nice Easter Weekend and Anzac Day for thoes in Australia and New Zealand Terry


Miss 376 said...

Looks like fun, my grandmother didn't have a creative bone in her body, lol.

kaite said...

your grankids must really love spending time with granma and granpa. good to see little kids learning to be creative and look around in the real world.

Notjustnat said...

Grandkids are great to spend time with. I had a week long with mine at Easter too - Hope you had a nice Easter Terry - Hugs Nat