Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Repeating Traditions

Bundles of threads. D.H. is preparing for a trip to Mongolia. I prepared some embroidery cotton and needles as small gifts.Assembling these small parcels reminded me of the Rajah Quilt.

Women sharing resources with each other.

Panel quilt from the exhibition last weekend.

Addition: Checkout the maker of the Beatles' Quilt at Blue Mountain Daisy
A part of my early life......sigh

Karen Cunningham sitting on stage demonstrating and chatting.

For Danielle, Ria and Valentina.

Anni Downs chatting while working on a hexagon flower .

Happy Week my Friends Terry


Suedio said...

Terry, I'm off to see the Rajah Quilt this weekend!

What a feast for the eyes those bundles of threads are. Well done.

Regards, Sue.

ria vogelzang said...

Wow, Terry. What great pictures!!
I almost heared your sigh.... what a beautiful exhibition!
And thanks so much for that lovely picture of Anni. Actually I even didn't know how she looked like. :(
This is a special gift! I really love her work!!!!
Lots of love to you!!! ;))
(p.s. At the moment I am removing the wallpaper from our bedroom-walls..... :// .....
And just had a break to have some lunch, as I thought: "lets have a look at my sisterbloggers...... :))"
You just made my day!!!)

Notjustnat said...

How cute, packing sewing supply for gifts. I hope the Rajah Quilt exhibition will be on until next time I'm there. Great tradition Terry - Hugs Nat

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Terry...what great coloured threads!!! And wow, look at those quilts...especially that Beatles one...I'll have to look into those fabrics...JoJo would love them...Dzintra

kaite said...

nice photo of Anni, i was thinking it looked like her and then you said it was. and now i know what Karen looks like also.

How lovely to prepare gifts of thread for the women of Mongolia. when is he going?

Valentina said...

Terry, I have tears in my eyes, catching up with all you have been up to! WOW, you get around, Gurl! wink!
I can't get over the mice, will you teach us? :)
And thanks for Anni's picture, I can see now where the relaxed designs spring forth from! BUG HUG!!!
Hope you had a super Mother's day xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

I just realised I hadn't said thank you for showing my Beatles Quilt on your blog - Thank You! I'm curious about your husband going to Mongolia, it must be a fascinating place. Thread as a gift is such a wonderful idea, imagine the beautiful things it will be made with it.