Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Windy Day in ?

The Sand

Not just any sand but sculpture.

Is that a paddle wheeler?

Grampa maybe it's a steam engine.

Everyone got a chance to try sand sculpting.  Messy

Detailing the turtle.

A stop for ice cream and then heading home.

A great day out with DD Heather and grand children Awen and Cadel. 

Hope your all having fun in the sun   Terry


Miss 376 said...

I can remember taking the boys on holiday and coming across a sandcastle competition. Those castles bore no resemblance to anything we built, they were amazing.
Looks like you all had a good day

Rachaeldaisy said...

Those sand sculpters are amazing! Years ago as a florist we worked with a sand sculpter from the Netherlands for a big stand at the Melb flower and Garden Show. It was an interesting experience. Great to see you having some summer holiday fun!

kaiteM said...

did you go out sand sculpting in all that wind? i'm amazed they stayed upright, we had 70kph up here. W's looking good, very relaxed.