Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Fix

Fixing the flitting from project to project. Otherwise known as being unsettled.

Why am I unsettled? Because I still have not organised my house and it's driving me crazy. I know I can move things around if it doesn't work but I just couldn't get my head around where it should start.

Eureka  ? ?


2 bits from a 1980's wall unit sitting empty in the family room. Empty because I was determind not to live with odd bits of furniture just because they were there...........but wait.....   maybe I can get the dated wall units out of the family room and find it a useful new home.

The new sewing room with lots of clutter. Not welcoming

the open shelves removed and the wall unit won't take up anymore floor space.

the timber (laminated) wall units will go with the timber skirting boards and window frames. Furniture moving when DH is available.  I'll update!!

A Finished Quilt wh00000 h000000

the chip quilt top from January before we even  
ed the move.

Ta! Da! all ready to cheer up a local nursing home. Now just so you know I am much better at repurposing than chucking   The legs from a Jones treedle were salvaged from all trash pick up. 
Originaly it was a baby change table ,then a plant table which for the past decade has held the printer and hard drive.

No longer required it sits in the sun with the B.B.Q.  I have an idea  stay tuned.

Enjoy your weekend!! Stitch and do something that makes you smile. Even unpack boxes  



Miss 376 said...

It always takes a little time to find where everything should go. We've been here over four years, and we still move things around from time to time.
Lovely quilt, someone will really enjoy it

kaiteM said...

Glad to see you're starting to be happy again. I have moved a LOT and i have always found that it took 12 months before i was settled and living comfortably again. Hang in there.

Rachaeldaisy said...

You might be a bit unsettled but you are making progress with the house. It takes time getting to know your new space and how you use it. Your Chip quilt is fabulous, I love it's strong graphic look.

Notjustnat said...

It won't take you long to get organise Terry. Nice quilt for the home - Happy weekend...