Saturday, September 8, 2012

One Finish = Two Starts

I embraced the idea of every time you finish a project you can start not 1 but 2 new projects. Lets see based on my last post I can start 4 new projects or do hemming jeans count ? That gives me 6 doesn't it. O.K. maybe a stretch.

Light Scraps  and the blog land buzz about low volume quilts sent me to Bumble Beans new challenge

half a 12" sq while the vegies cooked for supper.

I snuck away while the nice washing machine got on with the job and I made 4 (light?) blocks.

I really DO NOT have whites. My low volume neutrals are in the cream light range. Maybe someone who doesn't want their whites will send some my way.

Until then

a further search of the stash revealed more fabrics most of which seem to be pink(?) I have no memory of buying pink but there it is. Maybe the quilting elves brought it in the night.

  Stop by and I'll post on my progress with this easy stitching journey. Enjoy the weekend.   Terry


Loopylou said...

Pretty blocks

Rachaeldaisy said...

Love your blocks! the photo on the tiles is beautiful! It's great how you make the most of your time, a block here, 3 blocks there. I like the idea of the elves putting those pinks in your stash.

kaiteM said...

Can't help with the whites but i love how you've now got tiles just the right size for blocks.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Great blocks Terry...good on you for doing some while the vegies were cooking!

Sue-Anne said...

Your blocks look great Terry and isn't it amazing how we can find the time to do things in the time that we didn't know we had - does that make sense?