Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No Peaking

O.K. just a little peak

I left for quilting yesterday with this basket full and another very large bag of stuffing.  I arrived home after lots of laughter , good wishes and much less poly fill.

Today there will be riding in the car time  so I will get to sew. Yeah!!   I need this done for Sunday.

If you recognise the shape shush don't tell.  If you don't (or even if you do) check back for The Big Reveal on Sunday Evening.

Till whenever enjoy the season. I sure am  Terry  


Vireya said...

I've made something that was the same colour, but yours may be a different shape. I have another set of the things you are using, and a pattern for another outcome to my last one, so maybe you are making that. I'll look forward to the reveal to confirm (or not) my suspicions.

I hope this is cryptic enough!

Sue-Anne said...

Hi Terry, I have absolutely no idea what you are making but I hope you get it finished in time for Sunday.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Hee hee .,, what a fun peek!!

ria vogelzang said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm so enjoying Easy Street!
Love and enjoy your surprise.... :)